Step by step: how to clean the dishwasher with homemade ingredients

Step by step: how to clean the dishwasher with homemade ingredients
Step by step: how to clean the dishwasher with homemade ingredients

With these cleaning tips you will leave your dishwasher like new without having to buy expensive chemicals.

He dishwasher It can be a great ally for those who find the task of washing dishes tedious, especially after cooking or after a meeting with many guests. In addition, there are more and more options and with better functions that help the deep cleaning even the dirtiest sources.

However, like any element in the house intended for cleaningthis one too accumulates dirt. Food stuck to dishes, sugary drinks or grease from pots can stagnate between the nooks and crannies of the dishwasher and affect its structure, spoiling it and shortening its useful life. That’s why we leave you below the best way to clean it with homemade and easily accessible items.


How to clean the dishwasher thoroughly

  1. Clean the filter: The first thing you have to clean is the filter of the device. It is a basket that is located at the bottom, just below the blades. If you smell a rotten smell when you unscrew the dishwasher filter, you need to let it soak for 30 minutes in a bowl with 2 cups of hot water, 2 cups of white vinegar and a splash of soap. After soaking time, remove all the dirt with the help of an old toothbrush that you no longer use.
  2. Clean the inside with a vinegar and baking soda solution.: You have to place 3 traces of white vinegar inside the dishwasher, and in the space of the detergent tablets, 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Then, run the normal wash cycle, preferably at 65º C. The baking soda will clean the most complicated surfaces, while the vinegar will get rid of the bad smell.
  3. Attention to the door: With a cloth dampened with detergent and water, go over the door gasket and rubber bands. The rubber of this appliance also accumulates grease, dirt and even mold. If you notice that there is mold, prepare a solution of a splash of bleach with cold water and clean those areas with a cloth or sponge. The use of bleach on stainless steel surfaces is not recommended.
  4. Clean the blades: The blades and arms that disperse the water also accumulate grease and dirt, but it is only necessary once every 6 months. Furthermore, depending on the model, they may or may not be opened. In both cases, it is recommended to use only water and detergent.
  5. Take care of the exterior: The outside of the dishwasher should also be cleaned. To remove all the stains from use and disinfect it of any germs that may be left, use a mixture of lemon, hot water and vinegar.

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