“Soft Girl Look”: How to achieve a girlish, playful outfit

“Soft Girl Look”: How to achieve a girlish, playful outfit
“Soft Girl Look”: How to achieve a girlish, playful outfit

Ariana Grande is the undisputed queen of the “soft girl look”. But what exactly defines this style? Here is the trend analysis.

Emphatically feminine, playful and a little nostalgic: No one else embodies the “soft girl look” as well as (30). In recent years, this girlish trend has quietly conquered social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. This is what makes up the aesthetic of the “soft girl look” and this is how you style it best in everyday life:

This is what makes a soft girl

Women who are enthusiastic about the “soft girl look” prefer to wear clothes in a color palette that consists primarily of pastel colors. Colors such as baby pink, light blue, lavender, mint green or a soft, understated yellow are dominant.

Typical items of clothing for a soft girl include pleated skirts, A-line skirts or cute dresses made of flowing fabrics and materials that hug the body – optionally with puff sleeves. Oversized sweaters and T-shirts with cute motifs, cartoon prints or funny sayings are cozy. High-waist jeans and summer shorts are best combined with crop tops or girlish blouses. Cozy cardigans in pastel colors or with floral patterns ensure moments of well-being.

When it comes to accessories for a playful wardrobe, soft girls especially love hair accessories such as scrunchies or hair clips in pastel colors. Fine, delicate jewelry such as necklaces with small pendants, subtle rings and simple earrings complete the outfits.

Soft Girl Makeup and Hair

The make-up is deliberately kept natural – pink or peach tones are used, accents are subtly set with highlighter or a touch of glitter. A soft girl also likes to wear her hair natural – often with a fringe. Preferably open in soft waves, as a loose braid or bun, or braided into pigtails.

Why is the “soft girl look” popular now?

The “Soft Girl Look” is inspired by, among other things, Kawaii fashion from Japan, which means something like cute fashion. Fashion trends from the 90s are also included, as well as elements from Barbie or Fairycore.

The “soft girl look” represents a return to lightheartedness and childlike innocence in fashion. It can be seen as a countermovement to more extreme and often darker fashion trends that have been popular in recent decades. By emphasizing delicacy and playfulness, this trend offers a kind of escape from the often hectic and stressful everyday life.

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