Aged US President: Obama helps “frozen” Biden off stage

Aged US President: Obama helps “frozen” Biden off stage
Aged US President: Obama helps “frozen” Biden off stage

At a fundraising gala in Los Angeles, Barack Obama had to carefully escort Joe Biden, who was confused by the applause, off the stage.

Incumbent US President Joe Biden (81) could not complain about a lack of support at his big fundraising gala last Saturday (June 15) at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles. At the event to raise money for his election campaign ahead of the upcoming elections in November, film stars Julia Roberts (56), George Clooney (63) and Barbra Streisand (82) were among those in the packed theater to support him. Another prominent guest at the event hosted by TV legend Jimmy Kimmel (56) was former US President Barack Obama (62).

More than 30 million donations collected

Biden was able to raise more than 30 million dollars (around 28 million euros) in donations at the gala with the help of his prominent supporters. In an interview with late-night host Kimmel, Joe Biden initially appeared bright and quick-witted. In the conversation, he expressed his hope of mobilizing as many potential supporters as possible for the election in November, which he believes is one of the most important in the country’s history.

To understand the significance of this election, one only has to remember what it was like when his predecessor, Donald Trump (78), was still in charge of the White House. Under his leadership, however, the USA has once again become the “strongest economy in the world”. “We are trying to give ordinary people a fair chance,” said Biden.

Confused Joe Biden freezes on stage

According to one report, at the end of the gala, which went off without a hitch, a scene occurred that is likely to provide Donald Trump’s campaign team with new ammunition for further attacks against Biden.

As can be seen on a video, the US President seemed to literally “freeze” at the edge of the stage under the frenetic applause of his supporters and stared confusedly across the crowd for several seconds. In order to end the embarrassing moment as quickly as possible, Barack Obama finally rushed to his aid and politely but firmly pushed the President behind the scenes.

Similar incident already at G-7 summit

Just a few days ago, Joe Biden caused a stir with a similar scene at the G-7 summit in Italy when he appeared to be looking in the wrong direction during a parachute jump demonstration for the participating heads of state and government, while enthusiastically holding up his thumbs. In this case, it was Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni (47) who pointed out the faux pas to him and moved him in the other direction. This event also gave rise to renewed speculation about the fitness of the US President.

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