What to do in Mar del Plata in winter: the 5 best museums to enjoy with the family

What to do in Mar del Plata in winter: the 5 best museums to enjoy with the family
What to do in Mar del Plata in winter: the 5 best museums to enjoy with the family

Mar del Plata It is known for its beaches, but in winter the city offers a rich cultural offer that deserves to be explored. Whether you are interested in contemporary art, history, science or local culture, the city has several museums that have something special to offer.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore them and enrich some winter getaway or vacation discovering more about it with memorable visits to several.

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The house where the writer Victoria Ocampo lived is now one of the most visited museums in Mar del Plata

Municipality of General Pueyrredón

The 5 best museums in Mar del Plata to visit in winter

We present the five best museums to visit during the winter season, each one with a unique proposal to enjoy the art, history and science: the MAR Museum, the Victoria Ocampo Cultural Center, the Juan Carlos Castagnino Municipal Art Museum, the Villa Miter Museum and the Lorenzo Scaglia Museum of Natural Sciences

1. MAR Museum

He Contemporary Art Museum, known as MAR, is the most recent addition to the city’s museum scene. This space is dedicated to fencouragement and promotion of arts, culture and education.

Located on Félix U. Camet y López de Gomara avenue, the MAR is a cultural exhibition center that houses outstanding national and international samplesin addition to offering shows, children’s shows, recitals and film series for the whole family.

2. Victoria Ocampo Cultural Center

The Victoria Ocampo Cultural Center is located in the old Villa Victoria, the residence of the renowned writer Victoria Ocampo. This house was built in 1912 with materials imported from England. Originally, Villa Victoria was a meeting place for cultural and social events. In 1973, the property was donated to UNESCO and later acquired by the municipality.

Located in Matheu 1851, the cultural center houses a permanent exhibition of original furniture from Victoria Ocampo’s room. In addition, starting January 13, a temporary exhibition titled ““How would Victoria dress today?”where several designers propose creative contemporary interpretations of the writer’s style.

3. Juan Carlos Castagnino Municipal Art Museum

He Juan Carlos Castagnino Municipal Art Museumlocated at Avenida Colón 1189, is installed in a chalet built in 1909 for the Ortiz Basualdo family, which was extended and remodeled in 1919 in an Anglo-Norman style. The museum houses an outstanding collection of Argentine art, including the Castagnino Collection.

In the current season, it offers four exhibitions: “Brief universal history of Landrú. Mar del Plata Edition” on the ground floor; a permanent display of the building’s original furniture on the first floor; “Sample Serrurier Bovy Artist’s Mark. Museum heritage” on the second floor; and a selection of works by Juan Carlos Castagnino himself on the third floor.

4. Villa Miter Museum

He Villa Miter Museumalso know as Don Roberto T. Barili Municipal Historical Museum Archiveis located at Lamadrid 3870. This museum is located in a neocolonial mansion that It belonged to Angiolina Astengo de Miter and has been declared of patrimonial interest both at the municipal and provincial level. The museum preserves objects, testimonies and documents that narrate the history and evolution of Mar del Plata.

One of its exhibitions offers a historical and urban tour of the growth of the spa town, with a collection of photographs and objects period pieces that illustrate the development of the city from its beginnings to the era of mass tourism. The exhibition includes architectural, urban and cultural elements, as well as clothing, photos and postcards dating from 1914 to 1932.

5. Lorenzo Scaglia Museum of Natural Sciences

The main objective is conserve natural heritageencourage research, disseminate science to the public and educate the community through an exhibition that represents the natural history of our region.

During the tour, you will be able to discover a variety of rocks and minerals, learn about the geological history of the region and observe fossil remains of prehistoric megafauna. Among the notable attractions are two replicas of Patagonian dinosaur skeletons. The exhibition also includes arthropods, birds, mammals and an aquarium equipped with invertebrates and fish from different environments. This exhibition covers the different natural ecosystems of the southeast of the province of Buenos Aires, offering a comprehensive vision of the biological and geological diversity region of.

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