Joachim Llambi: His daughter wants to become a presenter

Joachim Llambi: His daughter wants to become a presenter
Joachim Llambi: His daughter wants to become a presenter

Joachim Llambi has become an integral part of the German television landscape. His daughter Helena now also wants to get into the TV business.

Helena Llambi (19) is following in her father’s footsteps, Joachim Llambi (59), professionally. The former dancer began his career on television in 2006 as a judge on “Let’s Dance” – 18 years later, he is still on the jury alongside Motsi Mabuse (43) and Jorge González (56). He is also a popular guest on other TV shows and has made a name for himself as a presenter. His daughter is now also aiming for this career. She wants to become a presenter in the sports sector.

Helena is taking her first steps on stage alongside her famous father. The two have already hosted several dance events together, most recently “Alea dances” in Bad Orb in front of over 2,000 people. Old master Joachim Llambi takes the edge off his daughter. “My father is a completely normal father at home. Like everyone else, down to earth and always wants the best for me and gives me advice,” the 19-year-old enthuses in an interview. The duo have a father-daughter relationship “on equal terms”.

Papa Llambi valued privacy

Joachim Llambi now supports his daughter wherever he can. Before Helena came of age, however, her privacy was very important to him. For example, she was not allowed to have a public Instagram account. “We always held her back a little bit […] After 18, they no longer have a chance; they can do whatever they want,” he explains. Over the years, Helena has learned how to deal with the media well.

Helena Llambi is the daughter of Joachim Llambi and his second wife Ilona. The couple married in 2005. Ilona brought a daughter from a previous relationship, born in 1999, into the marriage. When Helena is not on stage with her father, she studies media and communication in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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