Trend comeback: Dramatic 2016 make-up is back

Trend comeback: Dramatic 2016 make-up is back
Trend comeback: Dramatic 2016 make-up is back

Naturalness is still in, but now with a touch more drama: make-up looks reminiscent of 2016 are making a comeback.

As you can see from the current Y2K hype, everything in the fashion and beauty cycle comes back at some point. 2024 is no exception when it comes to the return of trends. This year, a beauty look is returning that is in stark contrast to the natural makeup trends that are currently in vogue. Dramatic makeup, which dominated YouTube makeup tutorials in 2016, is now experiencing a revival.

An era that was characterized by intensive contouring, striking eyebrows and strong colors on the lips is back. Now these make-up techniques are once again setting accents – but newly interpreted and in line with the current prevailing trends.

Contouring and highlighting

2016 was the year in which contouring and highlighting took the makeup world by storm thanks to celebrity role models like Kim Kardashian (43). These techniques give the face depth and dimension by skillfully using darker and lighter tones. While these methods were indispensable for dramatic evening looks back then, they are now being adapted in a much more subtle way. In 2024, the focus is on smooth transitions and natural shades to emphasize facial features without exaggerating. Creamy, easy-to-blend products are the most important thing.

Bold Brows

Thick and defined – that was the motto of eyebrows in 2016, inspired by styling icons such as Cara Delevingne (31). This aesthetic is now returning, but with a fresh twist. Instead of extremely precise, almost painted-on eyebrows, beauty fans in 2024 are opting for natural, yet full and voluminous eyebrows. With the help of eyebrow gels and eyebrow pencils, the eyebrows are further emphasized and highlighted.

Matte lipsticks

Matte lips were all the rage in 2016 in all possible shades, from bold red to bold black – for example, often worn by singer Halsey (29). In 2024, matte lipsticks are making a comeback, but in a more everyday color palette. Long-lasting, non-drying textures are perfect for wearing all day. Shades from delicate nude tones to rich burgundy are also suitable for everyday work.

Metallic and glitter eyeshadow

Metallic and glitter eye shadows, which dominated the party look a few years ago, are being integrated into everyday looks in a subtle and understated way in 2024. Shimmering eye shadows in neutral tones or a touch of glitter as an eyeliner accent give the make-up a modern, yet exciting and dramatic touch.

Nude Looks

While the natural look remains on trend, it will be complemented by cleverly placed, dramatic elements in 2024. A flawless complexion remains the foundation on which bolder accents such as defined eyebrows and intense lips are played upon, without over-painting the natural beauty.

Colorful eyeliner and mascara

Colored eyeliners and mascaras were a popular element in 2016 and are now appearing more frequently in makeup trends. Instead of bright colors, muted tones such as deep emerald green or burgundy are now used to give the eyes expression.


Who remembers this trend term from 2016? Strobing, i.e. pure highlighting without contouring, is also coming back, but with a natural finish. Cream highlighters with fine shimmering particles are used to gently make the face shine.

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