Kevin Costner: Role for son Hayes was “selfish”

Kevin Costner: Role for son Hayes was “selfish”
Kevin Costner: Role for son Hayes was “selfish”

Kevin Costner has revealed why he gave his 15-year-old son a role even though he had no acting experience.

Kevin Costner (69) has explained his decision to cast his son Hayes (15) in the project “Horizon: An American Saga”. Hayes has no acting experience, but Costner gave his son the role of Nathaniel Kittredge in the first part of the four-part western without an audition.

Kevin Costner wanted his son to be with him

: “He’s a wonderful boy and he’s quiet. I didn’t push my children into the business.” The 69-year-old added: “I realize there are so many young actors who would kill to be in this film. And I don’t want to take those roles away from them just because I can bring my own children into it.” According to the acting star, who also directs and produces “Horizon,” filming for Hayes’ role took just two weeks.

It was “a smaller role,” said lead actor Kevin Costner. He further revealed about working with Hayes: “Selfishly, I wanted him to be with me for a week, two weeks.” The Oscar winner also praised his son for his “really beautiful” performance in a “complicated scene” in the project. “He didn’t have much experience, but he’s really beautiful in this film,” said Kevin Costner. “That’s what you want from a son.”

Kevin Costner is a father of seven

Kevin Costner has sons Hayes and Cayden (17) and daughter Grace (14) with his ex-wife Christine Baumgartner (50), who filed for divorce in 2023. The actor is the father of seven children in total; from his first marriage to Cindy Costner (67) he has two daughters and a son, who were born between 1984 and 1988. From another relationship he has a son, who was born in 1996.

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