Older models: Why they are successful now

Older models: Why they are successful now
Older models: Why they are successful now

Just a few years ago, the fashion world was proud of finally being more diverse. At many shows, you could see models who were not just size zero. You could also see a lot more skin colors and gender types. But since designers have been celebrating the comeback of the 1990s and 2000s, the size zero look has also returned. It shows that even the much-praised diversity is ultimately little more than a fleeting fashion trend.

The only exception: older models. Until a few years ago, the fashion business was dominated by women and men between 20 and 30, but today you see more and more models of all ages. This is also reflected on the catwalks, on the covers and in campaigns. Just recently, the 58-year-old actor Mads Mikkelsen walked in the Zegna fashion show, and in the spring, British film star Kristin Scott Thomas was seen as a model for Miu Miu. In New York and London, a surprising number of older women also appeared on the catwalk in the spring. Some, such as the US designer Batsheva Hay, were cast directly on the street.

The German “Vogue” is also causing a stir, putting Margot Friedländer on the cover of its June/July issue. At 102 years old, the Holocaust survivor is probably the oldest cover face of the magazine – and probably also makes the strongest statement. The contemporary witness, who dreamed of becoming a fashion designer as a young woman, used the opportunity to address a new target group and called on people in an interview: “Don’t look at what separates you. Look at what unites you. Be human, be reasonable.” A wise, strong statement.

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