The picturesque town one hour from CABA to eat delicious and abundant food

The picturesque town one hour from CABA to eat delicious and abundant food
The picturesque town one hour from CABA to eat delicious and abundant food

The picturesque town of Cortinezlocated near Lujan, is attracting a growing number of visitors seeking tranquility and tradition on a getaway from Buenos Aires. With just over a thousand inhabitants, this town offers an atmosphere of calm and simplicity, which reflects the authentic essence of the interior of the province of Buenos Aires.

Founded at the end of the 19th century with the arrival of the train, Cortínez has maintained its historical charm. Their old housesnow transformed into cozy restaurantsand the old railway stationconverted into a cultural center, evoke nostalgia for bygone eras.

He Muñiz Boulevard, lined with leafy trees, is the vibrant heart of the town. Here, visitors can enjoy delicious homemade food, one of the main attractions of Cortínez.

Regarding the name of the town, there are still signs that say Cortines instead of Cortínez, because the name of the founder, Segundo José Santiago Cortínez, appears written in both ways.


The old Cortinez train station is one of the places you should visit


What to do in Cortínez, Buenos Aires

The gastronomic offer is the main attraction of Cortínez. Restaurants like the emblematic “Don Obayca”, a converted former general store, offer delicious snacks, homemade pastas and a varied grill. Another notable place is The Old Grocery Store of Tessonewhere you can taste roast meats and sword-fried vegetables.

In addition to its excellent gastronomy, Cortínez captivates with its natural environment, characterized by large green spaces and leafy trees that offer a spectacle of warm colors in autumn.

For those interested in history and architecture, the town offers the chapel of Santo Cristo, built in 1964and the picturesque mansions that adorn its streets.

How to get to Cortínez, Buenos Aires

From the City of Buenos Aires, getting to Cortínez is very simple. By car, you must take the Western access to Luján and continue along Route 7. When you reach kilometer 76, turn left, travel 500 meters, cross the first donkey’s back and deviate 800 meters to the right.

For those who prefer public transportation, there are several options. From the Retiro Bus Terminalyou can take the bus 57 Atlántida bound for Luján. Another option is to travel by train through the Sarmiento line to Luján station, making a transfer in Moreno. Once in Luján, local buses 500 and 276 complete the journey to Cortínez.

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