Cathy Hummels deletes podcast episode about obesity

Cathy Hummels deletes podcast episode about obesity
Cathy Hummels deletes podcast episode about obesity

Cathy Hummels spoke about overweight people with her sister in the podcast “Hummeln&Fische”. The influencer had demanded higher health insurance contributions. After negative feedback, Hummels withdrew the episode and apologized.

Cathy Hummels has long made a name for herself as an influencer. She opens her wardrobe to her followers – there are now around 690,000 on Instagram – and shares her clothing expertise. She also cooks, promotes her own branding and, among other things, hosts a podcast with her sister, which has the original name “Hummeln&Fische”. Sure, right? One of Fischer’s daughters eventually became a Hummels. The (now ex-)wife of Mats Hummels.

However, Cathy Hummels’ followers have never really been unanimous. They moan when she goes abroad for photo shoots and (supposedly) leaves her son alone. But if she takes him with her, that’s not right either. They rant when she shows herself scantily clad and say that her son would be ashamed of her later. And her cooking skills are only mediocre.

Cathy Hummels’ rant against overweight people

A podcast episode with her sister was particularly poorly received, in which Hummels spoke about people who, as she said, “brought their own illnesses”. Once a week, the two sisters publish an episode on Spotify and discuss topics of great importance: raising children, depression, appearance and so on. This time, however, when the topic was supposedly self-inflicted ailments, which in Cathy Hummels’ opinion also includes being overweight, a specific demand followed: anyone who becomes ill through excessive consumption (drugs such as alcohol and cigarettes or even food) and thus becomes a burden on the health insurance company should pay higher contributions. Because up to now, everyone with statutory insurance in Germany pays roughly the same basic contribution. This should be changed.

Instead, episode 8 of the podcast was deleted and a statement on body positivity followed. Nevertheless, Cathy Hummels sticks to her opinion, which she clarified on Instagram: “I’m generally concerned with the grossly negligent treatment of one’s health. My intention is that people take care of themselves on every level. Whether it’s food, alcohol, drugs, smoking, extreme sports,” she explains. “That’s my opinion and I stand by it.”

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