MS sufferer Christina Applegate makes it clear: Actress wants to be allowed to be honest

MS sufferer Christina Applegate makes it clear: Actress wants to be allowed to be honest
MS sufferer Christina Applegate makes it clear: Actress wants to be allowed to be honest

Christina Applegate, who suffers from MS, reacts to the feedback on her depression confession. She demands to be allowed to be honest.

Actress Christina Applegate (52) is open and honest about her MS. Most recently, however, she caused a stir when she admitted (June 4) with her friend Jamie-Lynn Sigler (42), who also has MS, that she no longer enjoys life and doesn’t have as much fun as she used to. Because of her depression, she has now made an appointment with a therapist, “which was a big deal for me,” she said.

Apparently there was a lot of feedback, including negative feedback: She was not suicidal, but was simply being honest about what she had been through since her MS diagnosis.

Help for depression is available from the telephone counseling service on the free number: 0800/111 0 111.

Christina Applegate: “When we keep things to ourselves, we give them power”

“I’ve talked about some dark things I’ve been thinking and feeling,” the 52-year-old began. “I feel like when we keep things to ourselves, we give them power. I also think a lot of people are ashamed of having mental health issues. And when people keep them to themselves because they’re afraid to say how they really feel, we give the issues immense power,” Applegate said.

The actress went on to say that she finds it “incredibly healing and important” to express one’s thoughts, “regardless of whether it makes someone feel uncomfortable or not.”

But by making such a big deal out of it – as happened to her now – you make other people think: “‘Oh, crap, I can’t talk about it.’ – And that’s not OK with me,” the actress continued. “It’s important to be able to say these things.”

There are moments when everything gets exhausting and you don’t want to go on, she admitted. “But you keep going – and when you have friends like you [Sigler] and my other wonderful friends who don’t make you mince your words, then that takes the pressure off the balloon.”

Sigler then praised her co-host for standing up for “making it OK to not be OK.”

Christina Applegate speaks openly about her MS disease

Christina Applegate made her illness public in 2021, having been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis just a few months earlier. In their podcast, she and Sigler, who was diagnosed with MS in 2001, speak brutally honestly about the consequences of the neurological autoimmune disease and the new challenges in their everyday lives.

Among other things, the actress, who became famous as Kelly Bundy in the series “Married with Children” (1987-1997), now has to wear diapers, is dependent on walking sticks and is sometimes unable to shower for weeks. In addition, she often has severe pain in various parts of her body, which severely limits her ability to function.

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