Arrest for drunk driving: Justin Timberlake’s lawyer speaks

Arrest for drunk driving: Justin Timberlake’s lawyer speaks
Arrest for drunk driving: Justin Timberlake’s lawyer speaks

The musician was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Justin Timberlake reacted surprisingly coolly.

His “mugshot” is going around the world: Two days after Justin Timberlake (43) was arrested for alleged drunk driving, his lawyer has spoken out. The musician’s defense attorney (“Can’t Stop The Feeling”) can’t wait to fight to the utmost for his famous client in court.

Lawyer Edward Burke Jr. told : “We look forward to vigorously defending Mr. Timberlake against these allegations. He will have a lot to say at the right time.”

Was he wrongly imprisoned?

It almost sounds like Timberlake was wrongfully detained overnight. “Currently, Mr. Timberlake is waiting for the full indictment from the district attorney’s office,” the lawyer adds.

The charge, according to court documents, is that Justin Timberlake was arrested for driving while intoxicated at 12:37 a.m. on Tuesday, June 18, in Sag Harbor, New York. The former boy band star was stopped by local traffic cops for failing to maintain a lane while driving his BMW. Timberlake said he was only drinking “one martini” at the American Hotel in the Hamptons while meeting friends.

The authorities, meanwhile, determined that he “operated his vehicle while intoxicated,” according to a statement obtained by US magazine “People.” Court documents state that his eyes were “bloodshot and glassy” and his breath gave off a “strong odor of alcohol.”

European concert in danger

Timberlake is currently on his “Forget Tomorrow” world tour and will perform the next dates on June 21 and 22 in Chicago as planned. However, it is unclear whether the father of two and husband of actress Jessica Biel (42) will be able to play his European concert in Krakow, Poland on July 26, because then the accused will have to answer to the US court for drunk driving and other traffic offenses.

Source: Stern

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