“It’s the wrong place for me”: Teri Hatcher on her online dating experience

“It’s the wrong place for me”: Teri Hatcher on her online dating experience
“It’s the wrong place for me”: Teri Hatcher on her online dating experience

She is beautiful, rich and famous, but Teri Hatcher can’t find a man. At least not on the Internet.

Love at first click: This is how actress Teri Hatcher (59) imagined online dating. But the “Desperate Housewives” actress is now desperate when it comes to finding men online and announces: “I’ve kind of given up.”

“I got kicked off Hinge (a platform for singles, editor’s note),” Hatcher said in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” on Wednesday, June 19. The dating app banned her because users claimed that she was only “pretending” to be Teri Hatcher after she hadn’t responded to potential dates. “There were enough people I just didn’t respond to because they wrote me things like, ‘Are you still real and spectacular?’ I realized, ‘Okay, that’s not someone I want to date.'”

“It was silly of me”

“It was probably silly to try it,” the American sums up her experience with the two-dimensional partner search. “But I was somehow trying to tell the universe: ‘I’m open. I’m not afraid.’ I tried it. But I think it’s the wrong place for me.”

Which man suits her?

“I have lovely friends. I travel, I experience things. I take care of my parents. I love my cats. I love gardening. I go to the beach,” she says of her fulfilling daily life, which the actress also shows. “It’s just a very full life and the truth is, I think that person, if there ever is one, is just going to have to be very special, you know?”

Hatcher has realized that “instead of pining for someone” and looking for true love on the Internet, she “was chosen to just put a lot of effort into the life I want to live.”

Online dating repeat offender

Hinge isn’t the only dating service the 59-year-old has tried. In January, she revealed that she’s “tried them all.” Hatcher said during an appearance on the TV show “Getting Grilled With Curtis Stone” that the exclusive Raya matchmaking app was full of “guys who only want to date 30-year-olds.” “I’m definitely done with dating apps,” Hatcher claimed at the time. “And I feel like if there’s one way to go somewhere and meet someone, this has to be it.”

Teri Hatcher was married twice. Her first marriage to her personal trainer Markus Leithold lasted only eleven months and ended in divorce in 1989. In 1997 she married actor Jon Tenney (62). The couple had a daughter, Emerson (26). After six years, this relationship also ended in 2003 before the divorce lawyer.

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