Pet lovers beware! These 4 cat breeds are dangerous to have at home

Pet lovers beware!  These 4 cat breeds are dangerous to have at home
Pet lovers beware!  These 4 cat breeds are dangerous to have at home

There are certain cats that cannot adapt to home life. An expert pointed out what they are.

The popularity of cats He has grown in recent times due to his great personality and independence. For this reason, they have their tastes and preferences that it is better to respect and have a peaceful coexistence. However, not all breeds are docile and they are willing to be domesticated.

Through his TikTok account @ben.the.veta renowned veterinarian, mentioned the best tips for having a feline friend at home, in addition to mentioning the four breeds of cats that he does not recommend due to their “problematic” personality.

The 4 most dangerous breeds of cats to have at home

The veterinarian indicated his reasons for advising against coexistence with these particular felines. All this taking into account various variants, such as behavioral difficulties or varieties of health conditions:

Bengal cat

bengali cat.avif

What many people don’t know is that they are a hybrid between a type of wild cat and domestic breedsare descendants of the Asian leopard cat and this allows them to be “quite wild in behavior and temperament.”

Sphynx or Sphinx Cat

sphinx cat.avif

Although cats groom themselves, they need additional care since they do not have the fur of other breeds. It is recommended to use hypoallergenic wipes if they do not tolerate bathing, and carefully clean between their wrinkles. In addition, it is necessary to wash your eyes with physiological saline, since They lack eyelashes.

Scottish Wildcat


This is a very particular breed. The veterinarian believes that it is “unfair and cruel” to support the breeding of this feline because are prone to degenerative disease.

Persian cat

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This feline faces numerous health problems in its daily life, attributed to the particularities of its face. The veterinarian explained that the physiognomy of his face can cause breathing difficultiessince their nostrils are small and the bones in that area are crowded.

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