Palpitating the holidays: “La pipetuá” premieres a new show

Palpitating the holidays: “La pipetuá” premieres a new show
Palpitating the holidays: “La pipetuá” premieres a new show

The company that combines humor, music, circus, theater and technology debuts on Saturday with “Revisions”, where they selected the best of their six shows provided over more than 20 years but reinvented and updated. On Paseo La Plaza.

“The kids are one way inside the theater and another way outside. Inside they play like children, outside they listen less and have less patience.” says Sebastian Love, who next to Fernando Selles and Maximiliano Miranda They make up La pipetuá, a company of humorous, sound and circus events that has been offering the best shows to see with the family for more than 20 years.

Combining the artisanal with the technological, “La pipetuá” returns on Saturday to the Pablo Neruda room on Paseo la Plaza with its show “Revisiones”, where they offer a selection of the best reworked scenes from all their shows. A journey through the history of the group, with original music by Fernando Sellés, art of Juana Aguirre and Javier Mitelmanvoiceover of Pedro Saborido, acting direction of Andres Caminos and Gadiel Sztryk and general direction of Immanuel Calderon. We talk with Love.

Journalist: They revert what was done, what is that reinvention like?

Sebastian Love: We did a review of our past, it’s been 23 years and 6 shows, First Operetta, Nonstop, To the Work, The Age of the Turkey, Lunatic and Dreams. It is a review of our past, more than 30 scenes, and much of what has already been done that has so many years of history we take to a more mapping, video setting, with a twist. There are some new and specially composed songs.


Q: How do you see kids in relation to technology, networks, cultural consumption?

SA: They are one thing inside the theater than outside. Inside they see us playing like children and then they return to that pure state of surprise. Inside the room it is the same as 20 years ago but outside the room there is a lot of consumption of shorter things, before they were movies now series, on YouTube there are shorts, short films, social networks where everything happens in stories. So they are used to that, less time listening, waiting, patience, more anxiety, but there are also more stimuli than 20 years ago, all the time connected on video calls, but hey, that happens, you have to accept it. On our side of the group it is artisanal mixed with technology as La Pipetuá always was.

Q: How did you select the best and what did you prioritize?

SA: We wanted it to have a good balance between comedy, physical and silent comedy, live music, plastic arts and the perfect equalization of what harmony and excitement one number has with respect to another. We alternate the visual impact with the theatrical. We set the doses for each show and it was a job that lasted months. It gave us a lot of desire to find old numbers and do them again.


Q: Every year you offer a show during the holidays, do you feel pressure to always have to present something new?

SA: We don’t feel it as pressure, like we have to be there, but rather it is a desire because we love what we do and during the winter holidays we premiere new shows. Creation is a primary factor for La Pipetua, always creating is what amuses us the most, apart from acting.

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