Stefan Mross: Mourning for ex-father-in-law Eberhard Hertel

Stefan Mross: Mourning for ex-father-in-law Eberhard Hertel
Stefan Mross: Mourning for ex-father-in-law Eberhard Hertel

Stefan Mross says goodbye on Instagram to his ex-father-in-law Eberhard Hertel, who died at the age of 85.

Stefanie Hertel (44) is mourning the loss of her father Eberhard Hertel (1938-2024), who died on June 20 at the age of 85. Now her ex-husband Stefan Mross (48) has spoken out about the sad loss of his former father-in-law. He commemorated the deceased musician with an old family photo in which Mross and Hertel, who were married from 2006 to 2012, are standing next to Eberhard Hertel dressed in traditional Bavarian costume and smiling into the camera. As a trio, they often appeared together on television shows.

Stefan Mross: “Unfortunately, life is not infinite”

“For many years you have influenced me/us in every way,” writes Mross. “Musically, but also as a friend, you have always stood by my side! Unfortunately, life is not endless, but the memories remain! Thank you for everything… I say goodbye quietly,” the “Immer wieder sonntags” presenter continues.

He expressed his condolences to his ex-wife Stefanie Hertel and her family. He also included the hashtags #sad #sincerecondolences and #memorieswillremainforever.

Eberhard Hertel’s death was previously reported by Mario Horn, the mayor of Hertel’s hometown of Oelsnitz, who announced that the musician had died. The city flag in front of Oelsnitz’s town hall was lowered to half-mast as a sign of mourning.

Eberhard Hertel passed on his musical talent to his daughter Stefanie Hertel

Eberhard Hertel only started his music career in his late 30s. In 1976 he appeared on the GDR television show “Heitere Premiere” with a folk medley and sang his way into the hearts of the audience. He was then regularly seen and heard on the folk music show “Oberhofer Bauernmarkt”.

In 1985, he performed in the same show with his daughter Stefanie Hertel, who was only six years old at the time. Over the years, father and daughter have appeared on stage together time and again.

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