Ben Affleck: Is the fuss surrounding Jennifer Lopez too much for him?

Ben Affleck: Is the fuss surrounding Jennifer Lopez too much for him?
Ben Affleck: Is the fuss surrounding Jennifer Lopez too much for him?

Ben Affleck talks about the “crazy” hype surrounding Jennifer Lopez. The actor seems to be having a hard time dealing with the attention.

How is the marriage of Ben Affleck (51) and Jennifer Lopez (54) going? For weeks, the media has been speculating about a serious crisis. The two stars, who only married in 2022, are said to be leading more or less separate lives. Is the fuss surrounding his famous wife becoming too much for Affleck? This is now suggested by an interview with comedian Kevin Hart (44), which the Oscar winner gave on his talk show “Hart to Heart”.

The conversation seems to have been recorded some time ago – before the first rumors of a separation. Affleck tells of an experience that shows what it means to be married to a megastar. He once went to a play in New York with Jennifer Lopez and the five children they have with different partners.

“It was crazy”

Since they were running late, they got out of the car and wanted to walk a few blocks – right through Times Square. “And then the shit started, it was crazy,” Affleck said. A woman smoking marijuana filmed them and shouted “J.Lo,” attracting numerous tourists.

The chaos was almost unbearable, the actor and director recalled. He found it difficult to deal with the attention. “I’m a little shy,” he explained to Kevin Hart. That’s also the reason why he often looks angry when someone “sticks a camera in his face.”

What really lies behind his annoyed expression

Kevin Hart used the moment to address Ben Affleck’s famous “resting bitch face”. The actor’s face sometimes looks annoyed or sad in photos. During public appearances alongside a beaming Jennifer Lopez, he often looks as if he just wants to get away – his sullen facial expression at the Grammy Awards, which earned him numerous memes, is still unforgettable today.

Ben Affleck insists to Kevin Hart that he doesn’t have an annoyed face, but a “stern face”. The result: “People project something onto me that I don’t feel at all myself.”

If the latest speculations about the crisis between him and Jennifer Lopez are to be believed, Ben Affleck not only seems to have an annoyed face. He is also said to be “always grumpy and negative” in his behavior, as an insider recently revealed to the newspaper “Daily Mail”. This is said to be one of the reasons why J.Lo “gave up” on the marriage.

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