Tokenize wines, a business that is growing among Argentine wineries

Tokenize wines, a business that is growing among Argentine wineries
Tokenize wines, a business that is growing among Argentine wineries

Tokenization allows you to accurately segment consumers and analyze opinions, in addition to offering new experiences and access to premium bottles through NFTs.

There are many businesses that are scaling in the world of blockchain technology. From soccer players from clubs like Argentinos Juniors or Independiente, to wines from renowned wineries like Penedo Borges and Durigutithe possibility of tokenizing today, generating value and selling tomorrow, seduces more and more sectors and companies.

The truth is that beyond the fact that digital businesses are a reality that has reached winegrowing, many specialists wonder: what are wine “tokens” and why is it a good business to buy and sell them virtually?

“It is difficult to think of the combination between wine and NFTs, but it makes a lot of sense, since the nature of NFTs is unique and inimitable. The NFTs correspond to a physical good, bottles of premium wines that have not yet been released on the market, allowing the holder of this token to be part of the entire creation process and access benefit proposals offered by us. For this reason, we decided to create a new series of wines in NFT, which we call NFT SERIES Beta Editionswhose copies we will be launching through the “Drinksify platform”, account Karim Mussithe renowned winemaker who gained fame with his wines The Consultation.

“This proposal invites our winery “fan club” to embark on a new experience of access to our family of wines, especially those bottles that are in the incipient stages of the process, making them part of the “backstage” of their winery. elaboration. As well as those who come to our universe for the first time through the purchase of these wines in NFT, joining a community that will have access to a series of benefits and experiences associated with our different projects,” adds Mussi.

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From Penedo Borges, indicate that “the This proposal allows you to analyze opinions about wine more precisely, identifying key words that describe its flavor, aroma, texture, etc. “It also makes it easier to compare different wines through their tokenized attributes, which can help consumers choose based on their preferences.”

In Duriguti, agree that “this technology is an opportunity to reach new segments of consumers who are looking for innovative experiences in the world of wine. Tokenization allows us to reach a broader audience, offering a unique way to participate in the wine industry, which goes beyond simply purchasing a bottle.”

Long-term, The potential of the NFT wine market is interesting, according to Mussi. “Especially, if we take the marketing course in other products and, particularly, in segments that are committed to innovation and technology, as well as value aspects such as authenticity, traceability, collecting, the digital experience and the integration of wine with the art. “While this market is in its early stages and still faces challenges such as consumer education and regulation, the potential for its growth is definitely promising.”

Duriguti observes something similar:While tokenized wine platforms are still in an early stage of development, we see great potential in this segment. Blockchain technology and tokenization are revolutionizing the way luxury and/or high perceived value products are marketed, including wine. There is growing consumer interest in authenticity, exclusivity and investment in tangible assets such as wine. This, combined with the desire for a more immersive and participatory experience, creates an environment conducive to the growth of this market,” they conclude from the winery.

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