Prince William and his children: Family congratulates with unique picture

Prince William and his children: Family congratulates with unique picture
Prince William and his children: Family congratulates with unique picture

Today Prince William turns 42. As usual, his family congratulates him publicly on social media. The picture they posted this year is particularly happy.

How quickly time flies: Prince William, the former teen heartthrob at the British court, turns 42 on Friday. It seems like yesterday when Prince William was adored by girls all over the world and was one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. Today, the heir to the throne is a father of three and his children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are growing up at a rapid pace.

As is usual with the British royals, there is a lovely post on social media for his 42nd birthday and this year a picture that is rather unusual for the serious royals. Prince William is holding his three little ones by the hand and jumping down a dune with them, laughing. He is practically jumping into his new year, with lots of energy and joy, as you can see. Mama Kate wrote the caption for the picture for the family. She wrote: “Congratulations, Dad, we all love you very much! C”.

Prince William watched football in Germany yesterday

How the heir to the throne will spend his birthday is not yet known, but yesterday evening he watched the European Championship match between Denmark and England in Frankfurt. The football fan watched his national team’s match together with King Frederik of Denmark and gave them his strong support. Before the European Championship, Prince William met with the English team to motivate them with a speech. He is the president of the Football Association, the highest British football association. However, there was little sign of motivation on Thursday. The English fans were dissatisfied with their team’s performance after the 1:1 draw against the Danes.

It is not known whether the prince flew back to London directly after the game or celebrated his birthday in Frankfurt am Main. However, it can be assumed that Prince William returned to his family in England today at the latest to spend his birthday with them.


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