Serious allegations from Shannen Doherty: Ex Kurt Iswarienko hopes “that I die”

Serious allegations from Shannen Doherty: Ex Kurt Iswarienko hopes “that I die”
Serious allegations from Shannen Doherty: Ex Kurt Iswarienko hopes “that I die”

Is he delaying the divorce proceedings so he doesn’t have to pay money? That’s what Shannen Doherty is now accusing her ex Kurt Iswarienko of.

The divorce proceedings between Shannen Doherty (53) and her ex Kurt Iswarienko (50) are entering the next round. The seriously ill actress, who filed for divorce in April 2023 after eleven years of marriage, shortly after learning of his affair, is now demanding retroactive maintenance payments from the photographer amounting to the equivalent of more than 14,300 euros per month. This is according to documents,

According to the report, Doherty has not yet received any of the long-requested amounts from Iswarienko. She now claims that he is delaying the process because she is seriously and terminally ill. “It is simply not right that Kurt is allowed to delay our divorce in the hope that I will die before he has to pay me the divorce, while he continues to live his life and evade his responsibilities to his dying wife, to whom he was married for more than eleven years,” she accuses him in the documents, according to the report.

Shannen Doherty could lose health insurance

Iswarienko is also said to have not yet paid the legal fees of the equivalent of 8,500 euros. Doherty is dependent on the maintenance costs because she can no longer work due to her cancer and can no longer afford her health insurance. Her royalties from the series “Charmed”, which made her famous in the 90s, are also continuing to fall and are no longer bringing in much money. She accuses her ex of currently leading an extravagant lifestyle, although he is said to have told her that he does not have enough money to support her.

Iswarienko’s lawyer denies these claims. “Kurt is not just waiting for Shannen to die. He wants the best for Shannen and he wants them both to be able to put everything behind them and move on,” People quoted the lawyer as saying.

Divorce filed after affair

In December, Shannen Doherty spoke in detail about the end of their relationship in her podcast “Let’s Be Clear”. According to her, she found out immediately before her brain tumor operation that her husband had been cheating on her for a good two years. This ultimately led to the separation. She filed for divorce in April 2023 after around eleven years of marriage and 14 years of relationship due to “irreconcilable differences”.

The “Beverly Hills, 90210” star had already been married twice before marrying Iswarienko, but only briefly each time: from 1993 to 1994 to her colleague Ashley Hamilton (49) and from 2002 to 2003 to actor Rick Salomon (56). The US actress has been battling breast cancer since 2015, which has since led to metastases. In 2017, she announced that she had her disease under control. In 2020, she announced that she had cancer again, this time in a more advanced and therefore incurable stage.

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