Stefanie Hertel: Moving words for her deceased father

Stefanie Hertel: Moving words for her deceased father
Stefanie Hertel: Moving words for her deceased father

Stefanie Hertel’s father Eberhard has died. The singer and her daughter say goodbye with moving words.

Stefanie Hertel (44) and her daughter, Johanna Mross (22), mourn Eberhard Hertel (1938-2024) on Instagram. The pop singer’s father died on June 20 at the age of 85. His family is now saying goodbye on the social media platform.

Mourning for Eberhard Hertel: “So you will always stay with me”

Stefanie Hertel published on Friday, in which she and her father smile towards the camera. “Thank you for your love. Your Stefanie,” wrote the singer and presenter, addressing him directly. Johanna Mross, the daughter of Hertel and trumpeter Stefan Mross (48), in which he can be seen celebrating his last birthday.

She also thanks him. “My dear grandpa, thank you… just thank you… for so much…”, she begins her post. In reference to the song “Little Fishes Grow Up”, she explains: “You raised your little fish so wonderfully and they wouldn’t be where they are today without you!”

Johanna Mross can still hear his singing voice today “and your ever-happy whistling jumps through my heart, connected to many beautiful memories.” She explains that the photo was taken on his last birthday and that the deceased singer was doing “what you loved to do most: singing, entertaining people and spreading the best mood. This is my favorite picture of you and you will always stay with me!”

Stefan Mross also says goodbye

Stefanie Hertel’s ex-husband Mross had . On a photo with his ex-wife and her father he wrote, among other things: “For many years you have influenced me/us in every way. Musically but also as a friend you have always stood by my side! Unfortunately life is not endless, but the memories remain!”

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