Renata Lusin: Finally a comeback on the dance floor

Renata Lusin: Finally a comeback on the dance floor
Renata Lusin: Finally a comeback on the dance floor

Renata Lusin became a mother in March. For the first time in seven months, the “Let’s Dance” star was able to put on her dancing shoes.

You can imagine how much Renata Lusin (37) missed dancing. After the “Let’s Dance” star was absent from the latest season of the RTL dance show and became a mother just a few weeks ago, she finally made a small comeback. published several pictures and clips that show her on the dance floor alongside her husband, Valentin Lusin (37).

A cruise with the “Let’s Dance” stars

The Lusins ​​are currently traveling on a cruise ship with other stars of the show, where they not only teach the travelers, but also appear in shows. Also on board are Alexandru Ionel (29), Mariia Maksina (27), Zsolt Sándor Cseke (36), Malika Dzumaev (33) and juror Motsi Mabuse (43).

“I’m wearing my dancing shoes again for the first time in seven months! How much I missed dancing. The energy, the applause, the feeling, the emotions and the goosebumps you get,” Renata Lusin enthuses about her pictures. It was the first time she had danced with her husband in a show since the birth of her daughter Stella.

Renata Lusin is fit again

“I’m so happy that I’m fit again and can pursue my passion after a long break,” she explains. But what was very important to her was “the good recovery and especially the intensive first time with Stella.” But the fun of dancing has come to an end for her for now. “We’ll be home again tomorrow,” she writes on June 21.

The Lusins ​​announced in March that they had become parents of a daughter. “Little Stella was born on March 21st, weighing 3,900 grams and measuring 56 cm,” it said at the time, among other things.

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