Transgender debate: JK Rowling: Labour Party betrays women

Transgender debate: JK Rowling: Labour Party betrays women
Transgender debate: JK Rowling: Labour Party betrays women

For years, the “Harry Potter” author has hardly known any other topic than the transgender debate: she sees women’s rights as being in danger as a result. Now she is getting involved in the British election campaign.

“Harry Potter” author JK Rowling has interfered in the British election campaign. She will probably not vote for the Labour Party because of the party’s position in the debate on rights for trans people, Rowling wrote in a guest article in the London “Times”. She accused the Social Democrats of having let down women who had expressed concerns about women’s rights.

Rowling has been attracting attention for years with controversial statements in the debate about the rights of transgender people. She takes the view that biological sex cannot be changed. The 58-year-old warns of dangers for women if gender-segregated spaces such as communal changing rooms and toilets are open to transgender people.

Radcliffe and Watson distanced themselves from Rowling

Critics accuse her of exaggerating the dangers and stirring up hatred against trans people. Prominent actors from the “Harry Potter” films such as lead actor Daniel Radcliffe and Hermione actress Emma Watson (both 34) distanced themselves from her.

But Rowling is also subjected to hatred because of her statements. A man was recently given a suspended sentence for making death threats against the writer and Labour MP Rosie Duffield on the internet. Duffield was reprimanded by Labour leader Keir Starmer a few years ago for her statement that only women have a uterus.

Tony Blair defines gender by sexual organs

Meanwhile, Starmer, who is already considered prime minister-designate in the light of exit polls for the July 4 election, has changed his views. He said he agreed with a statement by former Prime Minister Tony Blair that biologically a woman has a vagina and a man has a penis, he told reporters at a campaign event this week. But Rowling does not think that goes far enough. The Labour Party rejects and attacks concerned women. This must stop, she demanded.

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