Anne Hathaway’s incredible trick to have more voluminous lips

Anne Hathaway’s incredible trick to have more voluminous lips
Anne Hathaway’s incredible trick to have more voluminous lips

The actress experiments with beauty and shares her findings with the public. I found out what it is about.

The social networks They are saturated with tips and techniques for makeup, hairstyles and other beauty tips, each offering diverse results that allow users to choose the technique that best suits their aesthetic needs and personal preferences. Within this trend it was Anne Hathawaythe iconic Hollywood actress known for her role in The Devil Wears Prada, who recently shared a beauty tip on her account TikTok. This captured the public’s attention.

Hathaway revealed how she achieves more voluminous lips quickly and effectively, demonstrating once again its influence in the world of fashion and beauty.

Anne Hathaway and her TikTok for voluminous lips

To achieve this effect, Anne explained that uses an invisible type hair clip in an unusual way but effective. First, identify any areas of your upper lip that look a little deflated. Then, With the buckle, give small touches on the lip to stimulate blood circulation. This process helps to temporarily plump the skin, giving the appearance of fuller, more defined lips.

The actress warns her followers about the importance of being delicate when applying this trick. He recommends not pushing too hard and limiting each session to no more than 30 seconds to avoid any discomfort or unwanted effects. It is crucial not to pierce the skin or exceed the applied pressure to avoid any risk of injury.

This method, although unconventional, once again cements Hathaway as an iconic figure both on screen and in the world of fashion and personal care.

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