Wedding: A quarter of guests cancel if participation becomes too expensive

Wedding: A quarter of guests cancel if participation becomes too expensive
Wedding: A quarter of guests cancel if participation becomes too expensive

Many people are happy to receive an invitation to a wedding. Often, a nice evening, good food and lots of fun await you – but you quickly forget how much a wedding can cost as a guest.

Normally, you pay next to nothing when you accept an invitation to dinner, for example. You might invest a little in a small gift or flowers as a nice gesture, but the invitation is always worth more than what you bring, except perhaps if it is a larger birthday present. At weddings, however, it is almost always the case that the guest has to dig deep into their pockets to be able to take part in the celebration.

Although the bride and groom usually spend huge sums on decorations, food, outfits, location, etc., the costs for the guests are no longer a piece of cake. Social media and the fact that private lives are being shown in pictures have often made the celebration of love an extremely expensive pleasure. Everyone wants to prove, especially online, how special and unique the couple’s love is, and what better way to show that in today’s world than with an opulent wedding abroad on a huge estate?

At a wedding, the costs as a guest add up quite a bit

What is a lovely event, however, means enormous costs for the wedding guests. The initial joy of being invited can quickly fade as soon as you realise that there are costs involved such as flights or petrol, accommodation, outfits, gifts and participation in the bachelor party. The costs are at least in the three-digit range and often enough in the four-digit range, even for a wedding guest.

The payment provider Klarna conducted a study on this topic. They asked 1,000 people between the ages of 16 and 65 whether they had ever turned down a wedding invitation due to cost reasons and came to the astonishing conclusion that one in four Germans had already done so. They also asked the participants what budget they should plan for a wedding as a guest: around 30 percent said 250 euros was the maximum amount, while another third set the budget at up to 500 euros. At least three percent also consider costs of up to 3,000 euros to be reasonable. The wedding portal “Weddyplace” even estimates the average cost for a wedding guest at 500 euros per person.

It is therefore quite logical that the more opulent and international a couple’s wedding is to be, the higher the probability that some guests simply cannot or do not want to afford to attend.

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