3 easy and delicious rice recipes to make at home

3 easy and delicious rice recipes to make at home
3 easy and delicious rice recipes to make at home

This food is adaptable for many dishes whose processes are simple and with an exquisite and nutritious result.

He rice It is one of the most consumed foods in the world and it is no surprise, since it is extremely versatile for any type of dish and an ideal accompaniment.

This food can be found in the cuisine of many countries, such as in Japanese sushi, or in Arab rolls. And not only that, but it is also very beneficial for healthsince it has a high content of nutrients such as vitamins B1 and B3, as well as minerals.

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3 recipes to make with rice as the main ingredient

There are some recipes that are easy to make for nutritious and delicious dishes:

1. Rice with chicken and vegetables

A healthy option with just a few steps. To make this meal you must first sauté a chicken breast cut into pieces for later add the vegetables that are desired. When this mixture is complete in the pan, you just have to serve it on a plate with a bed of rice.

2. Rice with tuna

Simple and quick, this recipe is ideal for lunches or when there is not much time available. It only takes canned tuna, which can be served fresh with tomato and a squeeze of lemonwith rice as an accompaniment.

3. Rice with mushrooms

This dish is also simple and light, ideal for a dinner before going to sleep. You can cook them mushrooms sautéed in garlic and onion so that there is a stronger flavor, which will then be counteracted by the rice.

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