Theresia Fischer: Extension rods removed from legs

Theresia Fischer: Extension rods removed from legs
Theresia Fischer: Extension rods removed from legs

Reality star Theresia Fischer is suffering from pain after her leg lengthening. But now she is happy because she is free of the bars.

Theresia Fischer (32) polarized in 2019 on “Germany’s Next Top Model” with her special style. In addition to her stuffed animal Herbert, this also included the confession that she had her thighs lengthened in 2016. Her lower legs followed in 2020. Now she reported “Leg Lengthening Part 3” from the University Hospital in Freiburg. This time, however, the legs were not lengthened even further, but the final steps were taken after the previous procedures.

“Emotionally, I still have a lot to work through”

On June 23, the TV celebrity came forward with a picture showing her in a wheelchair and with several plasters on her legs. “Final freedom. How I have longed for this day! It is THE DAY of days!” wrote Theresia Fischer, who had previously spoken about the fact that she had had the leg lengthening procedure for a previous partner and that it had been a mistake. “I was 24 years old at the time and was deeply depressed. I wanted to be loved at the moment – to finally feel like I had arrived. At that point, anyone could do anything to me,” she said, looking back. She therefore threw herself into the desire to “lengthen my legs by 14(!) cm.” The pain she had endured for eight years was “so enormous (physical and mental) that I cannot even put it into words.”

Now she has finally had the last two percent of “my past removed from my body.” Fischer continued: “The two extension rods with screws have finally been removed from my lower legs – I still have a lot to work through emotionally, but I now have the strength to heal.” She had to sit in a wheelchair for two days after the most recent operation, but can now walk on crutches again. Thanks to the “loving support” of her current partner, she has “finally found my true strength and balance again.”

After “GNTM” she remained loyal to television

Theresia Fischer became known in 2019 through her participation in the ProSieben casting show “Germany’s Next Top Model”. In the finale, her symbolic live wedding with her partner, who was 28 years older than her, caused a stir and was “married” by Heidi Klum (51). The real wedding followed in June 2019. In September 2022, Fischer then surprisingly announced the separation and spoke about how the relationship had been toxic.

After “GNTM”, the blonde was also involved in a number of other formats: she took part in “Celebrity Big Brother” and in shows such as “The Festival of Reality Stars” and “Pokerface – don’t laugh”. In May 2022, she was in the Sat.1 reality format “Club der guten Laune”. She also ventured into the RTL+ original “Reality Queens” (2024). With her new partner Stefan Kleiser, she can also be seen in the show “Das Sommerhaus der Stars” in the fall, which is scheduled to be broadcast on RTL and RTL+ in the fall.

Source: Stern

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