Manuel Neuer: Mom and wife cheer on record keeper

Manuel Neuer: Mom and wife cheer on record keeper
Manuel Neuer: Mom and wife cheer on record keeper

Manuel Neuer had two things to celebrate: firstly, winning the group and secondly, setting a record. His wife Anika and his mother Marita cheered him on.

In the end, a 1:1 draw was displayed on the scoreboard in the Frankfurt stadium. Germany was able to avert defeat against Switzerland on Sunday evening thanks to a late goal by Niclas Füllkrug (31) and is now in the round of 16 as winners of Group A. DFB goalkeeper Manuel Neuer (38) put in an impeccable performance and even ensured that his team was able to stay in the game with a brilliant save in the second half.

He also set personal records: With his 18 European Championship appearances, he overtook the Italian goalkeeper legend Gianluigi Buffon (46) and is now the sole European Championship record goalkeeper with the most appearances. He also equaled Bastian Schweinsteiger (39), which means that with 18 European Championship appearances, he and his ex-Bayern colleague have now played the most games at a European Championship of all DFB players. Of course, the two most important women in his life did not miss this crowning achievement: his mother Marita Neuer and his wife Anika Bissel (24) were cheering on the DFB keeper in the stadium.

Both of them naturally put on a matching Neuer jersey and sat next to each other in the stands. Marita opted for the purple-pink version with her son’s number 1, while Anika chose the black version of the DFB goalkeeper jersey this time. As in the game against Hungary, Bissel opted for a midriff-baring variation and once again appeared in a top crop look. Creative Director and “GNTM” veteran Thomas Hayo (55) of course immediately recognized Manuel Neuer’s wife in the VIP box. As pictures prove, the two greeted each other warmly and chatted before kick-off with a big grin on their faces.

Private life is kept out of the public eye

Anika Bissel and Manuel Neuer keep their private lives strictly away from the public eye. The goalkeeper and the handball professional have not yet spoken about their wedding either. However, Anika Bissel has been calling herself Anika Neuer on Instagram since last year. There is already a bit more information about their offspring. The FC Bayern star indirectly confirmed the baby news at the end of March 2024 with an Instagram post. In both photos, the national goalkeeper is pushing a stroller through the hilly Alpine foothills. His simple comment: “A little Easter walk at home.”

At a DFB press conference on the occasion of the European Championship, Neuer even chatted a bit about his role as a father and his relatively new family life. “It’s definitely a lot of fun being a father. And I’m also very happy and glad about it. And of course I’m in contact and happy when I can see my son. And of course I try to take every opportunity,” explained Manuel Neuer when asked by a journalist how he was experiencing his first European Championship as a father.

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