Kim Virginia: Jungle camper moves to Dubai

Kim Virginia: Jungle camper moves to Dubai
Kim Virginia: Jungle camper moves to Dubai

Former jungle camp candidate Kim Virginia is turning her back on Germany. The reality star wants to start over in Dubai.

From the Australian jungle, we now move on to the desert of Dubai. Kim Virginia (29), jungle camp candidate for this year’s 17th season, has packed her bags to leave Germany. “I need a little vitamin D… DUBAI,” wrote the reality star. “Without an apartment, job or friends, but with a great desire for a new adventure,” the former flight attendant is starting her new life. The reality star reveals why she is leaving Germany and how she plans to finance everything.

“Has already been threatened with a weapon”

Vitamin D is not the only reason why the former jungle candidate is turning her back on Germany. Dubai is “safer,” says Virginia. “Security is very important to me. I was threatened with a gun in Miami, and my father was stabbed in Mannheim. Now is the perfect time to emigrate.” Just a few weeks ago, Virginia turned to her followers and the public after her stepfather, AfD politician Heinrich Koch (62), was injured in a knife attack in Mannheim. He is “the only father figure in my life, and he has now been attacked with a knife,” said the TV celebrity at the beginning of June.

From flight attendant to influencer and real estate agent

Through various TV appearances, the reality star has been able to save up a financial cushion. In addition, the influencer “also has real estate in Germany: “I still have to pay taxes on that […]. I’m a landlord and I rent out one-room apartments. That always works well with students or business people.”

Virginia wants to continue the real estate business in Dubai: “I’m going to be a real estate agent and will get a license there. I already have a company. It was always important to me to have a down-to-earth job,” says the Mannheim native. She has already invested almost 10,000 euros in her emigration.

Virginia now wants to look for an apartment in Dubai. The influencer is firmly convinced that she will succeed: “I am a tornado. I want the city to be mine in three weeks.”

Source: Stern

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