People: Kim Gloss talks about brain tumor surgery

People: Kim Gloss talks about brain tumor surgery
People: Kim Gloss talks about brain tumor surgery

“I felt really sick,” says influencer Kim Gloss about the moment she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. In an interview, she now tells how her operation went.

Influencer Kim Gloss has spoken about the discovery of a tumor in her brain and the subsequent operation. “You go into an operation like this with enormous respect,” said the 31-year-old in an interview with Frauke Ludowig for RTL’s “Exclusiv – Weekend”.

She said she hadn’t told her children about the procedure, and spoke about the day of the operation: “That day, that Sunday, I saw the colors of the leaves differently. I felt the air differently. I just lived that day as if it were my last, even though I didn’t want to. But at the end of the day you’re really scared of an operation like that.” Her husband Alexander Beliaikin supported her a lot, she said. “I’m so grateful to have him.”

The 31-year-old wrote on Instagram on Sunday evening that she would be returning to the public one month after the operation. She had already announced that the procedure had gone well.

“At first I really feared the worst”

Gloss, who became known through the casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” and her participation in the reality show “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!”, was diagnosed with a meningioma – a mostly benign brain tumor – after a sports accident. Her mother also had this tumor.

“I took it all in my stride,” said Gloss. “I was just happy that I could go. They said: get an MRI once a year, check it up for the rest of your life.” But a check-up later revealed that the tumor had grown and had become a danger.

“I felt really sick,” Gloss said, “because they said, ‘Sit down.’ And at first I really feared the worst. And then my neurologist explained to me how dangerous it could be. And it was a shock. My youngest is not even two and I have children at home. A thousand thoughts were buzzing around at once. But it was clear to me from the start: I want to have it removed immediately.” The operation was a success, and Gloss now covers the scar on her head with a cloth.

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