Sarah Connor and Marc Terenzi: Bizarre tradition for their daughter’s birthday

Sarah Connor and Marc Terenzi: Bizarre tradition for their daughter’s birthday
Sarah Connor and Marc Terenzi: Bizarre tradition for their daughter’s birthday

Summer Terenzi turned 18 on June 23rd. The celebration was with family, friends and an unusual tradition.

Surrounded by family and friends, Summer Terenzi, the daughter of Sarah Connor (44) and Marc Terenzi (45), celebrated her 18th birthday on June 23. Despite their separation years ago, both Connor and Terenzi were present to celebrate their daughter’s special day, as shown by impressions of the celebration published by several family members, especially via Instagram stories. Connor’s sisters Lulu Lewe (32) and Anna-Maria Ferchichi (42) were also there.

First raw eggs and then into the water

Summer shared a photo on the social media platform on June 24. The photos include the 18-year-old’s birthday cake, some snaps from the party, apparently her boyfriend, and a clip of her ending up in the pool. A family tradition, as explained by the Instagram account, which is no longer online.

The singer, who took part in the most recent season of “Let’s Dance”, explained the insight into the apparently rather unusual family customs in a video: “On your 18th birthday you get eggs on your head.” In another clip she showed another tradition – namely that at family celebrations “people are often thrown into the pool.” This time it was obviously the birthday boy’s turn, but at least dad Marc ended up in the pool too.

Anna-Maria Ferchichi arrived as a surprise

Marc Terenzi was called the “best woman in the world”, among other things, while Anna-Maria Ferchichi revealed a few more details. Bushido’s wife (45) had travelled from Dubai, where she lives with the rapper and their children. “The party went on until late at night, a really nice teen party,” she said, revealing that her arrival was a surprise for the whole family: “It was really nice, nobody knew I was coming, a real surprise.” She realised how much she had missed everyone, but it was a bit cold there for her standards.

Sarah also gave her “sistaaaaaas” a present, as Lulu showed in a story. They received a mug with the words “Sisters Forever” printed on it and five women depicted in comic style. The names of the sisters are below: Sarah, Anna-Maria, Marisa, Lulu and Valentina.

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