Cooling rooms: 3 tips that are guaranteed to help on hot days

Cooling rooms: 3 tips that are guaranteed to help on hot days
Cooling rooms: 3 tips that are guaranteed to help on hot days

Heat affects concentration and sleep quality. If it’s too hot at home, you’ll look for help against the high temperatures in your own four walls. Read about the tips and gadgets that help against the heat here.

In summer, temperatures rise not only outside but also inside, whether while working from home or in the evening before going to bed. This not only affects concentration, but also sleep. If the heat then continues for several days, indoor spaces often heat up so much that the heat can become uncomfortable. Methods for cooling rooms are therefore in demand. Read here about tips and technical aids that help against the heat.

Tip 1: Close the windows during the day

As soon as the temperature outside is warmer than inside, airing out the room does nothing to combat the heat, in fact it actually contributes to it. Therefore, never open your windows in the heat of the day, but always in the morning and evening when the temperature is lower. It is important to have a draft, so it is best to open several windows and doors, this creates a pleasant draft that can cool down the apartment.

Tip 2: Avoid direct sunlight

If you have windows through which direct sunlight shines into your home, you need reflective blinds or curtains. The sun’s rays heat up rooms considerably. If they can’t penetrate in the first place, it stays pleasantly cool. invented that not only prevent the sun’s rays from penetrating, but even let them bounce off a reflective surface. Metallic textiles with a highly reflective exterior are particularly efficient. Even more flexible are practical which you can attach to the window panes as desired.

Tip 3: Technology that helps

Moving air feels cooler, which is why fans are also popular gadgets for cooling rooms. However, fans only circulate the air that is already in the room, so although it subjectively feels cooler, the room is not actively cooled and the temperature drops. actively cool the room. However, the devices may not be completely quiet when they are working and make a constant noise when they are switched on. If you can live with this and are not sensitive to noise, you can actively cool the room with your own air conditioning system.

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