Watch trends 2024: These shapes and colors are in

Watch trends 2024: These shapes and colors are in
Watch trends 2024: These shapes and colors are in

Round, square, simple or pompous: Which watches will be trendy in 2024? The following six models are not only eye-catchers, but also impress with their functionality.

Most of us have a smartphone in our pocket that we can use to check the time. Nevertheless, for many of us, wristwatches are still part of our everyday outfit. And ideally, they should be able to do more than just tell the time in order to be recommended for the watch trends of 2024. Here are six models that are not only visual highlights, but have a lot more to offer.

1. Watch trend 2024: Square models

As was the case last year, geometric shapes are currently popular, apart from the classic round ones. The watch trends for 2024 include square models that catch the eye – for both men and women. Since the shape is already a highlight, it doesn’t need much more. But it should have a calendar function, stopwatch and alarm clock, just like the retroThis year, the brand has also designed models with linen straps that are ideal for summer.

2. Watch trend 2024: Sustainability

Sustainability has also arrived in the fashion industry – and is certainly no longer a trend, but rather a matter of duty and responsibility. This is also reflected in watch trends, and more sustainable models are becoming increasingly important. Such as wooden watches: The consists largely of natural FSC-certified wood from sustainable forests that are managed responsibly and in an environmentally friendly manner. In collaboration with the “One Tree Planted Foundation”, two trees are planted for every watch sold. A statement that you are happy to convey to the world with your watch.

3. Watch trend 2024: Coloured models

With a watch, you can also set specific accents in your outfit – for example with bright colors like yellow or red. Then the watch becomes an effective style element, in addition to its functionality, of course.

4. Watch trend 2024: Black dial

Watches also become eye-catchers and trends through a high-contrast which is also part of the watch trend for 2024. It immediately catches the eye and gives a wristwatch a casual look. The contrast is particularly noticeable when the strap comes in light colors or gold tones.

5. Watch trend 2024: Multicolor

The days when you had to choose between silver, gold or rose gold are over: you can now combine them all together – even with watches. will also be on trend in 2024.

6. Watch trend 2024: Smartwatches

If you want to skilfully combine style and functionality, you can’t avoid a stylish smartwatch: models like the are not only a nice eye-catcher in a casual look. The model also offers fitness functions, can be connected to a smartphone and of course also shows the time and date. In addition, the wristband can be changed as required to match your outfit. Practical and fashionable at the same time – just as it should be.

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