Mindy Kaling: Secretly became a mother in February

Mindy Kaling: Secretly became a mother in February
Mindy Kaling: Secretly became a mother in February

Mindy Kaling has a surprise for her fans: the actress gave birth to her third child in February.

Mindy Kaling’s (45) family has grown secretly, quietly and calmly. “At the end of February I gave birth to my daughter Anne,” the comedienne revealed on June 24. Her third pregnancy – like the two previous ones – was not publicly known.

For Kaling, who celebrated her 45th birthday on June 24, Anne was “the best birthday present I could have ever imagined.” Her offspring always reminds her in difficult times how beautiful life is. The actress shared three photos with her six million followers. One shows her two other children, Katherine (6) and Spencer (3), with the newborn, the others show the mother of three with a baby bump and in a hospital bed.

The father of the children is unknown

Nothing is known publicly about Mindy Kaling’s relationship status. She also keeps the father of her three children under wraps. “I’m so lucky to live in a place where I can do this on my own, on my own schedule,” she raved about her happiness as a mom in the caption.

However, the “The Office” star does not consider herself a single parent. It takes “a whole village” to raise children, the 45-year-old explained in 2021. Her team includes her nanny, her father and her good friend Reese Witherspoon (48), who is “a great source of parenting advice.”

Witherspoon also joined the numerous congratulations under the post. “So beautifully said,” she praised and shared birthday wishes for her fellow actress in her own Instagram story.

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