Streaming: The Kaulitz brothers in private in Netflix series

Streaming: The Kaulitz brothers in private in Netflix series
Streaming: The Kaulitz brothers in private in Netflix series

The Kaulitz brothers Tom and Bill have become internationally famous with their band. In a series they are now opening the doors to their private lives. No longer in Magdeburg, but in Hollywood.

Almost 20 years after the release of “Durch den Monsun”, Tokio Hotel singer Bill Kaulitz still likes to sing the song. “I absolutely love it,” said the 34-year-old in an interview with the German Press Agency. Unlike other artists, he doesn’t mind being reduced to his band’s biggest hit. “So I’m glad that we have a song that everyone always wants to hear.”

Together with his twin brother Tom, Kaulitz emigrated to the USA in 2010. The brothers show how the two live in Hollywood today in the new Netflix series “Kaulitz & Kaulitz”. It will be available on the streaming provider from June 25th.

While Bill unashamedly opens the doors of his house, has his American driver’s license test accompanied and stands in his walk-in closet with the camera team, Tom only allows a few glimpses into his private life. His wife, the model Heidi Klum, reveals a lot more about the twins, who regularly publish new episodes of their joint podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Senf aus Hollywood”.

In the years before they emigrated, their band with bassist Georg Listing and drummer Gustav Schäfer became one of the most successful in Germany. The turmoil surrounding the young people from Magdeburg at the time did not only leave a positive impression on the brothers, recalls Bill Kaulitz. “Of course we have a lot of scars from the past. But I think the important thing is that we always had each other. And that’s why I think we got through it quite well.”

The new series also shows how the musicians are still influenced by what they experienced back then. For example, during a visit to the Munich Oktoberfest. A big topic – besides the outfits of the two – is how many security guards are accompanying the brothers. The worries stem from the past. “We are still a little afraid of losing control in certain situations, because that has happened many times and does happen again and again,” said Tom Kaulitz. The best thing in such situations is to keep moving. “But we don’t know anything different. So it’s not a total change for us now,” added Bill. The way fans treat them is now much more relaxed than a few years ago.

The Magdeburg brothers now feel at home in Los Angeles. But where they grew up is still important to them today. “We weren’t born by the pool in Beverly Hills. We didn’t grow up in some fancy family where we had everything, we grew up very poor in a very small village,” says Bill. It was “simple things” that they carried with them – which enabled them to appreciate things and not “take life for granted.”

In addition to the joint podcast and the new eight-episode series, the Kaulitz brothers are also planning further joint projects in the coming months – such as more TV productions and joint music. The two also have a special goal: “We’ll probably add dubbing soon, that’s what we’ve planned. Bill and I really want to dub a film together,” said Tom.

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