Balcony gadgets: 10 great ideas for more comfort outdoors

Balcony gadgets: 10 great ideas for more comfort outdoors

Are you one of those people who only use their balcony to dry laundry? Often you lack the right accessories to transform the dreary concrete extension into an oasis of well-being. We present you ten decorative gadgets.

Anyone who has their own garden, terrace or balcony can count themselves lucky on these warm summer days. The latter may offer less space for chilling and barbecuing, but it is just as comfortable – if you take the time to transform it into a cozy outdoor living room with a few simple steps. All you need (apart from the necessary cash) are a few practical and functional gadgets for the balcony.

These ten gadgets are suitable for the balcony

1. Clamp awning

As beautiful as a south-facing balcony is, it has one disadvantage in summer: the sun shines on it (almost) all day. To be able to enjoy the balcony despite high outside temperatures, all you need is the right sun protection. If you don’t have enough space for a large umbrella, you can use a between the floor and ceiling (if present). You can then use a hand crank to determine the inclination yourself.

2. Table fireplace

For a cosy and romantic atmosphere in the evening : It is made of stainless steel and fireproof borosilicate glass, so you can watch the crackling fire (which runs on ethanol) burning safely. Thanks to two combustion chambers that are interchangeable, you can enjoy an infinite burning time on the balcony – according to the manufacturer. However, you will have to buy more regularly.

3. Pacific Cool Bar

It is a coffee table and ice cooler in one: The made of weatherproof and UV-protected polypropylene has a total volume of 30 liters and therefore offers – thanks to the double-walled ice bucket – plenty of space for cold drinks and ice cubes. The rattan-look table can be opened and closed using a telescopic system. The Cool Bar also has a removable drain plug to make cleaning easier.

4. Fountain attachment

A small fountain on the balcony? With this which has an integrated water pump, you can transform any water source into a bubbling fountain. All you need to operate it is the power of the sun. Thanks to various attachments, you can set up different fountains. The fountain is particularly suitable for small basins, bird baths, fish tanks and small ponds.

5. Bluetooth speaker

Atmospheric LED light, musical sounds and chilled drinks – all this is offered by this Thanks to the rechargeable battery, you can listen to music for up to five hours on the splash-proof device (IP44) with stainless steel housing, or up to 20 hours without the light function. The lamp has two color functions (RGB and warm white), which are also dimmable.

6. Birdbath for balcony railings

Would you like to put a birdbath on your balcony, but can’t find a suitable place? Then may be suitable, as it is attached to the railing – provided that it is not thicker than five centimeters. The corresponding bracket is made of stainless steel and is (according to the manufacturer) frost-proof. This in turn has the advantage that you can provide birds and insects with water all year round.

7. Folding table

Some balconies are so small that two chairs and a table barely have enough space. If you still don’t want to do without the comfort of a table top, you can made of wood. This is hung on the railing and can be opened and closed as desired. According to the manufacturer, the maximum load capacity is 20 kilograms. This model is also available in different colors and sizes.

8. Outdoor carpet

To give the rough exposed concrete slabs, the hot wooden floorboards or the grey concrete floor more coziness and comfort, you can use a special (or ). This is designed specifically for outdoor use and is therefore durable, easy to clean and weatherproof. Depending on the size of the area you have available, you should pay attention to the exact dimensions when purchasing.

9. Parasol for balcony railing

It is not easy to put up a large parasol on a small balcony. A space-saving solution is : It not only includes a 200 x 125 centimetre UV protection (including protective cover), but also the matching parasol holder for the railing. This means you can safely do without an oversized parasol stand, but not without the shady comfort of a parasol.

10. Door fly screen

To prevent annoying insects from getting into the apartment, it makes sense to install a magnetic fly screen on the balcony door. However, since tenants are not allowed to drill into the frame without the consent of their landlord, you should choose a model that can be attached without drilling – such as . It is available in different sizes and colors.

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