‘Here’ Trailer: Tom Hanks and Robin Wright Reunite with Forrest Gump Director Robert Zemeckis

‘Here’ Trailer: Tom Hanks and Robin Wright Reunite with Forrest Gump Director Robert Zemeckis
‘Here’ Trailer: Tom Hanks and Robin Wright Reunite with Forrest Gump Director Robert Zemeckis

The feature film, made with the help of Artificial Intelligence, covers the 100 years of a house where the main couple lives.

Forrest Gump It was a cinematographic milestone that swept the Oscars, consolidated the prestige of Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future) and catapulted the actor Tom Hanks, who collaborated with the director again in: The Castaway (2000), The Polar Express (2004) and Pinocchio (2022). Now, the creative duo adds a new cinematographic phenomenon in the light of new technologies. They are joined by Eric Roth and Alan Silvestri, screenwriter and composer of Forrest Gump, respectively.

The premiere of “Here” is scheduled for early 2025, but you can already see a trailer that shows the sophisticated resources that allow its protagonists –Hanks and Robin Wright– go from youth to old age in an amazing way. This thanks to a new generative artificial intelligence technology called Metaphysic Live that serves to swap faces and reduce the age of actors in real time while they perform, instead of using additional post-production processing methods.

What is “Here” about?

But technology is not the only source of Zemeckis’ always amazing cinema. The plot of “Here” is ingenious: it focuses on several families and the special place where they live. The story travels through generations, capturing the human experience in its purest form.

The film is based on the graphic novel of the same name by Richard McGuire and takes place over a century in a single place. The camera never moves from a fixed position inside a house during the 104 minutes of the film, as viewers learn the stories of the people who made their home there.

“The single perspective never changes, but everything around it does,” Zemeckis points out. “It had never been done before. There are similar scenes in early silent films, before the language of montage was invented. But other than that, it’s a risky adventure.”

Despite the high technology used, for the filmmaker the film would not be the same without the good lead performances. “It only works because the performances are so good,” he adds. “Both Tom and Robin instantly understood that ‘we have to go back and channel what we were like 50 years ago or 40 years ago, and we have to bring that energy, that kind of posture, and even raise our voices more.’ That kind of things”.

Other characters who appear in the “Here” house over the decades include Richard’s parents, Al (Paul Bettany) and Rose (Kelly Reilly), a couple from the early 20th century (Michelle Dockery and Gwilym Lee) and an inventor and a pin-up model during the 1920s (David Fynn and Ophelia Lovibond), among others.

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