Bad news: El Trece loses a figure in one of its morning programs

Bad news: El Trece loses a figure in one of its morning programs
Bad news: El Trece loses a figure in one of its morning programs

The channel loses one of the most iconic figures of the mornings: you will find all the details in the note.

Since ever, The thirteen is one of the most prominent television channels in the country, offering varied and high-quality programming that has managed to capture the attention of its audience over the years. Among his most beloved programs is “very morning“, a morning proposal that combines current affairs, entertainment and a touch of humor under the direction of Carmen Barbieri. The program became the most watched in the mornings, being a space where the public is informed and has fun at the same time.

The success of “Mañanísima” is no coincidence; It is due to the charisma and professionalism of its host, along with a team of panelists who provide different perspectives and styles. The chemistry between the team members and their ability to tackle a variety of topics was key to maintaining viewers’ interest. However, even the most established programs can face unexpected changes that challenge their stability.

Diego ramos, panelist of “Mañanísima”, will leave his position on the program. This news, which surprised many followers, is not related to internal problems or with the production team, but rather to a new professional offer that the actor will take.

Why Diego Ramos is leaving Mañanísima, El Trece program

The entertainment journalist, Pablo MontagnaHe reported that Diego Ramos will assume a new role as host of “Eres Conmigo” in the mornings of Nacional AM 870, replacing Ricardo Raúl Benedetti, who was separated from the station due to recent decisions by the radio’s management.


Montagna mentioned in his X account: “The radio is waiting for Diego Ramos to finish his cycle on ‘Mañanísima’ to start his new program from July 1.” This change will mean a new stage in Ramos’ career, while “Mañanísima” will have to face the challenge of moving forward without him.

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