How to emigrate and work in Denmark, the happiest country in the world: the options for Argentines

How to emigrate and work in Denmark, the happiest country in the world: the options for Argentines
How to emigrate and work in Denmark, the happiest country in the world: the options for Argentines

Emigrate to Denmark It can be an enriching experience full of opportunities. with his high standard of living, excellent social welfare system and a safe environmentthis Nordic country is an attractive destination for those looking for new opportunities.

Next, we tell you how Argentines can emigrate to Denmarkwhether to work, study or simply to live a different experience.

Emigrate to Denmark: what you can work on

Initially, if a person has not been hired by a company in Copenhagen Before arriving, the most common jobs found are in the non-specialized services sector:

  • Meal delivery, WOLT app

This activity is very common among emigrants from Latin America who come to work in Denmark. Similar to any food delivery app, WOLT operates in this region. For each order delivered, income varies between 50 and 85 DDKdepending on the days and times, and increases based on the distance traveled.

To do this job, you need a cell phone with a good internet connection, a bicycle (which can be electric) or motorcycle, CPR and a bank account. The entire process is managed through the application.

From the total amount to be paid, the application transfers the income already with the corresponding taxes deducted.

  • Work in restaurants in Denmark

There is a great demand for personnel in kitchen areas, such as waiters and bar management.

In Copenhagen, there are numerous cafes and bars scattered throughout the neighborhoods. Speaking English or Danish is required. In addition to salary, tips can be received, which are not subject to tax. It is a fun activity since you interact with people from all over the world. Hotels also demand a lot of cleaning staff.

  • Work as a professional in Denmark

They can be obtained qualified jobs in areas such as marketing, advertising, engineering and health. For Argentines, it is required to have a validated university degree and, in many cases, speak some Danish.

There are Facebook groups where ads for apartments, rooms and jobs are published. To find a job, the best option is to walk the streets.


One of the many landscapes that the Danish country offers

Emigrate to Denmark: average salary

Those who are going to live and work in Denmark should know that the relationship between economy and lifestyle It is a reality in this country. The strong Danish currency, Crownlaid the foundations for the balance of trade many years ago.

The money generated by working allows you to live very well. You can buy objects of all kinds, rent, enjoy everyday life and save. There are no economic deprivations if you work.

He Minimum income to start with is 130 DDK per hour (Danish Crowns). Today, most places average 135 DDK per hour of work in unskilled services. It may be more, depending on the location.

A job in a Danish company, with an approved university degree and speaking Danish, can provide about 30,000 D.D.K. initially net for the person who takes up that position.

For the vast majority of people who come from Argentina and the rest of Latin America, it starts with the first jobs.

Working an average of 8 hours a day for 5 days a week, earning the average minimum amount of 135 DDK per hour, 14,666 DDK per month are generated, with taxes already applied.


Copenhagen, its capital, is one of the places where the most job opportunities can be found.

Copenhagen, its capital, is one of the places where the most job opportunities can be found.

Emigrate to Denmark: European passport requirements

The steps to follow to live and work legally in Denmarkget the residence and open a bank account to receive a salary legally are the following:

1. Get a work more than 15 hours per weekby contract, or demonstrate 10,000 euros in a bank account in your own name.

2. Have a European Union passport.

3. Request an appointment at the “International Recruitment and Integration Agency” (SIRI) through its website.

On the day of the shift, present both documents at SIRI to obtain the initial residence permit.

Once you have obtained that initial permit, request a shift at the “International House”. Present the receipt obtained in SIRI and the rental contract to obtain CPR, which is the civil registration number. Once the CPR is obtained, residence in Copenhagen is officially confirmed. During the next two weeks, the yellow cardwhich allows access to the health system.

The CPR number also enables the MitID digital electronic security system to be operated, which is a personal code for accessing bank accounts.

With the CPR and MitID, you can apply to open an account at any Danish bank. Most banks take between 4 and 8 weeks to complete the process. It is important to take this deadline into account, since jobs will not be able to pay salaries until you have a Danish bank account in your own name.

Emigrate to Denmark: how to process the Wolking Holidays visa

It also can work in Denmark as an Argentine with a Working Holidays visa, even if you do not have a European passport. With this visa, it is possible to work up to 6 months.

Denmark has reopened these visa permits after having closed them during the pandemic. Among Argentines, it is rumored that the closure was due to the massive flight of compatriots without paying taxes after working with digital food delivery applications.

The stages and requirements are as follows:

  • Be between 18 and 30 years old.
  • You cannot travel with dependents.
  • Have an Argentine passport.
  • Have air tickets and funds to initially stay in Denmark (15,000 DDK).
  • Have travel insurance for the year of stay. The cheapest ones are found on certain websites.
  • There are 150 places granted.
  • Opening of quotas every March.

Stages of the process:

  • Complete the application form on the SIRI website.
  • After 14 days, you will receive an email with confirmation if you enter the quota and instructions for paying the visa fee (1890 DDK).
  • After payment, make an appointment at VFS (Global Visa Service, based in Buenos Aires).
  • Attend the appointment with documentation and pay the visa processing fee (124 USD).
  • The response time for the visa application takes between 2 and 3 months.

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