Aaron Carter’s twin sister: Angel knew her brother would die

Aaron Carter’s twin sister: Angel knew her brother would die
Aaron Carter’s twin sister: Angel knew her brother would die

Angel Carter speaks openly about her premonition. She lived for years with the knowledge that her brother Aaron Carter would have to die early.

On November 5, 2022, the life of Aaron Carter (1987-2022) ended tragically. His lifeless body was discovered by the housekeeper in his bathtub and it quickly became clear that the brother of Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter (44) had died of a drug overdose at the age of just 34. In the eyes of his twin sister Angel Carter (36), however, this drama was not really surprising: Angel spoke about her brother and his condition before the tragedy. According to her, she had already spent years preparing for his death.

Her brother had been struggling with drugs since he was twelve years old. For Angel Carter, who also lost her two sisters Leslie (1986-2012) and Bobbie Jean (1982-2023) to overdoses, the incident with her brother was different: “What’s so interesting about Leslie’s death – she died when I was 23: her death took me completely by surprise.” She didn’t see it coming. “When she died, I was already in therapy to prepare myself for Aaron’s death,” says Angel Carter. Even then, she thought he was going to die and was afraid of it for years: “I knew this day would come, and I think he knew it too.”

She had tried for a long time to help her brother with his addiction because he could not free himself from it. But Aaron Carter had often rejected this support. In the conversation, she specifically remembered the summer of 2019, when her brother’s battle with his demons came to a head and he suffered a psychosis – accompanied by a diagnosis of bipolar and schizophrenic disorder. During this time, he also fantasized about killing people and even babies and suddenly organized weapons.

Angel Carter obtained a restraining order against twin brother Aaron

That’s why the then new mother, together with her brother Nick Carter, obtained a restraining order against Aaron, preventing him from coming near her – out of fear. This legal process also led to Aaron Carter’s weapons being taken away: “I had to protect him from himself,” Angel Carter explained tearfully in the podcast.

Angel Carter believes the reason for the crash was in her brother’s environment, when he became a child star at the age of just nine. At that time, there were people around him who only “exploited and used” him. “I couldn’t save him,” Angel continued, “it wasn’t my responsibility to save him, but I tried.”

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