4 home remedies to eliminate moths and prevent them from eating your clothes

4 home remedies to eliminate moths and prevent them from eating your clothes
4 home remedies to eliminate moths and prevent them from eating your clothes

Little is mentioned about the arrival of the moths to the house, which feed on clothing, furniture and some foods. They often hide in closets and cupboards, causing havoc. which can become a real pain. The term “moths” refers to small, usually nocturnal butterflies whose larvae feed on wool or other fabrics used by humans.

These insects can damage clothing and contaminate food.. Their presence in the home is uncomfortable and annoying for family members, as they can cause problems and even represent a health risk if they are not eliminated.

Natural products to eliminate clothing moths

It is essential to take preventive measures against the presence of moths in different corners of the home to avoid serious damage and prevent their reappearance.

Cloves: Place cloves in cloth bags and place them in cupboards and drawers. The strong scent of cloves acts as a natural moth repellent.

Cedar: Use cedar blocks or balls inside cabinets and drawers. The aroma of cedar not only repels moths but also provides a pleasant smell to clothes.

Lemon and orange peels: Place fresh lemon and orange peels in cloth bags and distribute them throughout the cupboards. The citrus in the peels acts as a natural repellent for moths.

Lavender sachets: Fill small cloth bags with dried lavender flowers and place them in closets and drawers. The scent of lavender is effective in keeping moths away and also adds a pleasant aroma to clothes.

For food moths, it is crucial to keep drawers secured and store food in airtight containers to prevent their reproduction. The use of natural pheromones to attract and trap moths is suggested, available in supermarkets and pharmacies.

It is important to adopt cleaning habits, such as disinfecting closets and pantries regularly. If any garment was attacked by moths, it is advisable to discard it to prevent their reproduction. Additionally, keeping clothing items clean before putting them in the closet is essential. In case of excess humidity in the home, it is advisable to consult an expert to find a quick solution.

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