Paris Hilton speaks to US Congress about abuse at boarding school

Paris Hilton speaks to US Congress about abuse at boarding school
Paris Hilton speaks to US Congress about abuse at boarding school

For years, Paris Hilton has been fighting for better treatment of young people at US boarding schools. At a hearing in Washington, she once again reported on the terrible experiences she herself had in such an institution.

Paris Hilton has called for stricter rules to combat abuse in youth facilities in Congress in Washington – and described her own experiences of abuse in such places. “When I was 16 years old, I was dragged out of my bed in the middle of the night and taken to another state, to the first of four residential youth welfare facilities,” the 43-year-old reported to a House of Representatives committee on Wednesday (local time).

“These programs promised healing, growth and support.” Instead, Hilton was not allowed to speak or move freely for two years, reported the mother of two. “I was forcibly pumped full of drugs and sexually abused by the staff.” She was dragged through the hallways and stripped naked.

Her parents knew nothing about all this, Hilton continued. They had been deceived by the operators of the facilities – by a “profit-oriented industry,” as Hilton said. These include facilities for troubled teenagers.

Paris Hilton experienced abuse and violence at boarding school

This is not the first time Hilton has spoken about her experiences. In her documentary “This is Paris” (2020), she made public that she had experienced abuse and violence in such institutions in her youth. She had also previously reported physical and psychological abuse in US media. “Then they put us on tables and stuck their fingers inside us,” Hilton said in a video for the “New York Times” in late 2022. “That was definitely not a doctor.”

Addressing young people who are having similar experiences in U.S. institutions today, Hilton said: “I see you. I believe you. I know what you are going through and I will not give up on you.”

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