Netflix: the dramatic film hidden in the catalog that lasts only 18 minutes

Netflix: the dramatic film hidden in the catalog that lasts only 18 minutes

This is a short film in which a father tries to recover from the loss of his family.

The after is a short film who qualified the Oscar awards of 2024 for its direction and its heartbreaking story. This content is overshadowed among the films from Netlflix But its brilliant story makes it gain popularity among the constant recommendations of users. This happens because they are moved by its way of portraying understanding and grief.

Before reaching the streaming platform and the largest awards ceremony in American cinema, The first film project of self-taught photographer, Misan Harriman It sparked the interest of the scene in several international festivals. The film won the award for Best Live Action Short Film at the HollyShorts Film Festival. Additionally, he was honored by Astra Film Awards, African American Film Critics Awards and NAACP Image Awards.

What is The Aftermath, a Netflix short film about?

It is common to think that death takes the oldest people and this idea leads to preparing for the farewell of grandparents and parents, but one is never prepared for when it is the turn of someone younger, much less one’s children.The death of a child causes a pain that few can express in words. and this tragedy is what the short film tries to convey.

The film takes place in London, where we can see the different stages of a father who now dedicates his time to working as a taxi driver and looking at photographs of his daughter. But His grief will find peace in a passenger who will encourage him to talk about his losses and take the first steps to confront them.

Trailer for The After, Netflix short

Embed – The After – Official Trailer | Netflix [Oscar Nominee 2024]

Cast of The After, Netflix short

Due to its short duration, it is necessary to name most of its cast:

  • David Oyelowo is Dayo.
  • Jessica Plummer is Amanda.
  • Amelie Dokubo is Laura.
  • Sule Rimi is Stewart.
  • Izuka Hoyle is Emily.
  • Alan Williams is Fry.
  • Nikesh Patel is Salman.
  • Ellen Francis is Rebecca.
  • Tara-Binta Collins is Amy.
  • Ravi Singh is Krish.
  • Ruth Sheen is Tabatha.
  • Dominique Tipper is Jessica.

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