The “Real Housewives of Munich” coming: Luxury in Munich

The “Real Housewives of Munich” coming: Luxury in Munich
The “Real Housewives of Munich” coming: Luxury in Munich

The “Real Housewives of Munich” start: Since 2006, rich women have appeared in various editions of the reality show “Real Housewives” their luxurious life. Now there is also a Munich version of the kiss-kiss.

Bling-Bling and Kiss-Kiss: The successful show “The Real Housewives” gets a German branch from Munich. “The Real Housewives of Munich” celebrated its world premiere on Thursday evening in the Bavarian capital. The series tells the story of six rich women from Munich and shows what they want to show from their luxurious lives. The main topics are the clichés of the kissy-kissy society par excellence: short trips to St. Moritz, Botox, breast operations, shopping trips on Maximilianstrasse, champagne binges and a bit of bickering. A central sentence: “People don’t talk about money in Munich – they spend it.”

Shopping at Käfer, shopping on Maximilianstraße

The show is scheduled to launch on July 6 on the streaming service RTL+. “The worldwide reality hit is finally coming to Germany”the broadcaster announced in advance. Six episodes are planned, each revolving around a different event. The first episodes will take place in the snow, shopping at Käfer, dining at a fancy Asian restaurant in Munich or attending a diamond party at one of the ladies’ homes. Money is no object.

The series is “an exclusive insight into the lives of Munich’s most dazzling high society ladies” show, says the RTL announcement. “Glamour, fashion and great luxury are the focus here – the life of the extravagant protagonists is never boring.” All of them – aged between 31 and 46 – are “charismatic, extroverted and entertaining – and of course extremely wealthy”.

These are the “Real Housewives of Munich”

The six women who will be featured in the Munich reality edition are the mother and businesswoman Carina (33), the former management consultant Lili (38), the real estate experts Seher (38) and Natalie (37), the “Performance specialist” Pegah (31) and the designer Joana (46).

The protagonists also revealed at the premiere on Thursday evening that not everything was easy between the six ladies during filming: “There has to be a little argument sometimes”said Natalie. And even though the women emphasized “We are getting along very well right now”only five of them wanted to definitely agree to a possible second season. Joana kept a low profile on stage. We just have to wait and see how everything develops.

Even Duchess Meghan spoke about the format

Since the launch of the first edition of the “real housewives” from Orange County in the USA almost 20 years ago, there have been 28 adaptations worldwide in North and South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa, according to RTL. A particularly successful version, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”has already completed its 13th season. Yolanda Hadid, the mother of model sisters Bella and Gigi, also took part in some of these seasons.

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Even Prince Harry’s wife, Duchess Meghan, commented on the format when she turned down the series’ producer, Andy Cohen, in her podcast after he jokingly offered her a place on the show.

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