Justin Timberlake: Is his wife Jessica Biel still supporting him?

Justin Timberlake: Is his wife Jessica Biel still supporting him?
Justin Timberlake: Is his wife Jessica Biel still supporting him?

Justin Timberlake is in legal trouble, but the singer probably doesn’t have to worry about any problems at home.

Justin Timberlake’s (43) trouble with the law does not seem to be endangering his marriage. The singer was stopped and arrested by police on June 18th in Long Island. The charge: driving under the influence of alcohol. A court hearing in the case is scheduled for the end of July. For Timberlake’s wife Jessica Biel (42), this is apparently not a reason for marital problems.

the couple is not currently dealing with the legal matter. The two stars are instead concentrating on their private and professional lives.

“She is very happy for him”

“They always support each other in their careers,” the insider continued, according to “People.” The fact that Biel doesn’t seem to care about her husband’s alleged drunk driving was also evident at Madison Square Garden in New York City. According to media reports, the actress danced wildly in the audience there when Timberlake performed as part of his “Forget Tomorrow World Tour.”

“Jess would never miss a show if she could be there,” the source adds. “She’s very happy for him.” While Timberlake is on tour, Biel is currently filming the series “The Better Sister” in New York City. The couple are said to have “put the arrest behind them.” “They have faith in their legal team and are instead focusing on their work and their family,” the insider said, according to “People.”

Jessica Biel remains silent

The fact that Jessica Biel, with whom Timberlake has been married since 2012 and has children Silas (9) and Phineas (3), remains publicly silent when it comes to her husband is nothing new. She did not comment when suspicious footage of Timberlake surfaced in 2019 showing him with his “Palmer” co-star Alisha Wainwright (34). The two appeared to be holding hands. Timberlake later apologized for the incident in a now-deleted Instagram post. He said that his judgment had failed, but also made it clear “that nothing happened between me and my co-star.”

And even when Timberlake’s ex Britney Spears (42) made a series of allegations against her ex-boyfriend in her memoir “The Woman in Me” in 2023, Biel did not speak out. Spears implied that Timberlake was unfaithful and also claimed that she had an abortion when she was with Timberlake because he was allegedly not ready to become a father.

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