Ceviche Day: the 5 places to try unmissable versions with special proposals

Ceviche Day: the 5 places to try unmissable versions with special proposals
Ceviche Day: the 5 places to try unmissable versions with special proposals

He Ceviche Day is celebrated every June 28th since Peru declared the celebration national in 2008. Due to the relevance of the dish in other countries, the tribute expanded and began to be celebrated internationally.

In Argentina, the gastronomic rThey evolved the production and there are variants with local fish. To celebrate the day, there are 5 places in the City of Buenos Aires where you can try unmissable versions of Ceviche and where you will find special proposals.

The sea

The Peruvian Chef Gaston Acurio has its famous restaurant in Arevalo 2024, in Palermo. With ceviche as its signature dish, the place offers 8 varietiesmade with selected seafood and the freshest fish from the Argentine coast.

La Mar – Creole Ceviche 2.jpg

La Mar’s Creole ceviche.

For preparation they usually choose mullet, bonito or lemon fish. In addition, some of the most notable versions are the Mixed ceviche, with catch of the day, seafood mix and tiger’s milk with hot pepper; he Creole, with catch of the day and seafood chicarrón with tiger’s milk with yellow chili; and the Veggieprepared with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, avocado, radishes and red onion in leche de tigre al cajó.

To celebrate the Ceviche Dayduring the June 28, 29 and 30 The restaurant will prepare an off-menu ceviche called Tip. The dish will have silverside, octopus, panopea, prawns, conch and snails in creamy tiger’s milk with rocoto, served with cuttlefish crackling, sweet potato, field corn and lettuce.

Chalaca Bar

Located in the neighborhood of Palermo, in Arévalo in 1932and inspired by the Port of Callao, Barra Chacala offers 5 varieties of ceviche. It is also a bet by chef Gastón Acurio, who uses white fish of the day (sole, mullet, croaker or whiting), trout, prawns, squid and razor clams.

On the menu, the most requested dishes are Chalaco ceviche, which contains very fresh catch of the day; he Mixedwith catch of the day, prawns, squid and razor clam; and Portprepared with fish, squid cracklings and corn cakes. As a special proposal for June 28, those who choose the latest version of ceviche They will receive a free bottle of beer.

Chalaca Bar – Cebiche Chalaco.jpg

The Chalaco ceviche from Barra Chacala.

The Chalaco ceviche from Barra Chacala.

Asu Mare

By the Peruvian chef Dangelo De La Cruz, This ceviche bar is inspired by the popular markets of Lima and ceviche is the star of the menu. On site they offer 9 alternatives between classic and new.

Between the most requested they find each other:

  • Classic Ceviche: white fish in tiger’s milk with sweet potato, lettuce and cancha corn.
  • The Wheelbarrow: white fish and squid crackling in tiger’s milk with sweet potato, lettuce and field corn.
  • Neighborhood: sole, squid tubes and the house’s special tiger’s milk, made with seafood, ginger and fish stock.

On June 28th, they will give a 50% discount on the second ceviche ordered and is applicable to all varieties. The place is located in Pueyrredón 535, Once; Thames 1514, Palermo; and Corrientes 1660, Paseo La Plaza.

Asu Mare – Ceviche del Puerto.jpeg

Ceviche from the Port of Asu Mare.

Ceviche from the Port of Asu Mare.

The fish shop

In this warm restaurant located in Crisologo Larralde 1716, in Nuñezthe Peruvian chef Charlie Diaz offers a wide range of seafood dishes, with sushi and ceviche as the main dishes. There are also grilled fish and Mediterranean dishes.

The most recommended options are the Yellow ceviche (catch of the day and prawns in tiger’s milk with yellow chili, sweet potato, corn and field corn), Sweet Chile (pink salmon, green salmon, sweet and sour tiger’s milk and crispy sweet potato threads) and the Al Wasabi (catch of the day, octopus and prawns with wasabi and sesame tiger’s milk, corn furikake, cilantro and chives).

On Ceviche Day, all varieties can be tried with a 20% discount and, in addition, they will serve exclusively the Hot Grilla hot dish with grilled fish and prawns in tiger’s milk with yellow chili.


One of the options offered by La Pescadería.

One of the options offered by La Pescadería.

Neko Restaurant

In a modern restaurant in La Pampa 1391, in BelgranoNeko invites you to try dishes from the Peruvian-Japanese fusion with cosmopolitan touches. Ceviche is offered in several versions and is prepared on the spot with the fresh catch of the day, generally it is mullet, sole or sea bream.

From the letter, the following stands out: Wasabi, One of the house favourites, with white fish, prawns and wasabi tiger’s milk: a fresh, sweet and sour and slightly spicy combination.

For the days June 28 and 29, They will have two exclusive dishes at a special price: white fish ceviche with leche de tigre with yellow chili, and trout and prawn ceviche with creamy leche de tigre with rocoto. With the purchase of any of them, They will give you a gift card valid for a ceviche on your next visit.

Neko restaurant – ceviche Wasabi.jpg

Wasabi Ceviche from Nego Restaurant.

Wasabi Ceviche from Nego Restaurant.

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