Bianca Heinicke: Influencer shows her new partner

Bianca Heinicke: Influencer shows her new partner
Bianca Heinicke: Influencer shows her new partner

There have been rumors for a long time, now Bianca Heinicke has openly confirmed her relationship with Timothy Hill on Instagram.

After Bianca Heinicke (31) alias Bibi returned to social media at the turn of the year, she is now making her new love public there. The influencer, who became famous with the YouTube channel “BibisBeautyPalace”, has posted videos showing her together with Timothy Hill.

And it’s unmistakable: The two not only laugh happily at the camera, but also give each other a big kiss in one of the shots. Heinicke comments with a heart emoji and a giggling smiley. There had been rumors about a relationship between the two since 2022.

Bianca Heinicke: Short exchange with her ex Julian Claßen

Possibly to show that everything is fine between her and her ex-partner Julian Claßen (31), Heinicke also posted a white heart emoji in the comments, addressed directly to him. Heinicke also posted two white hearts there.

Heinicke and Claßen married in 2018 after a relationship of almost ten years. The couple have a son and a daughter together, and their separation became known in May 2022. Claßen, also known as Julienco, made the end of the relationship public at the time.

Heinicke withdrew from social media and finally reported back in early 2024. “For over ten years, I used social media to an extreme extent as my profession, which was so closely intertwined with my private life that in the end I couldn’t and didn’t want to do it anymore,” she explained in a long post at the turn of the year.

Hill also shared the current photos. He describes himself as a life coach and author.

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