Nicole Kidman: Daughters are her best advisors

Nicole Kidman: Daughters are her best advisors
Nicole Kidman: Daughters are her best advisors

When Nicole Kidman needs honest feedback, she turns to her teenage daughters. She can’t use “suckers”.

Hollywood star Nicole Kidman (57) is a passionate family person. When she was honored for her life’s work at the 49th annual AFI Lifetime Achievement Awards Gala in April, she took her husband Keith Urban (56) and her two daughters Sunday Rose (15) and Faith Margaret (13) with her on the red carpet for the first time. As they now say, the two teens are now not only suitable as companions for glamorous evening events, but also apparently as serious advisors.

Kidman doesn’t want to have “suckers” around her

She conducted the interview alongside her acting colleague Zac Efron (36), with whom she has been seen in the romantic comedy “A Family Affair” on Netflix since June 28. In the film, Kidman plays a mother who becomes entangled in a chaotic relationship with her daughter’s former boss, who also wants to win her back as his personal assistant.

She did not reveal what her own daughters’ feedback on the film was, but she did say that they were very helpful and “supportive” in assessing her acting performance. “I think it’s important not to have any suck-ups around you,” says Kidman. Nevertheless, she is of course not interested in such family discussions “to get really terrible criticism.”

Her daughters probably don’t have much criticism in store for a certain other star. “They really rave about Joey,” she says. She’s referring to Joey King (24), who also stars in “A Family Affair.” “That’s nice, isn’t it? They grew up with Joey.” King is only 24 years old, but she’s an old hand in showbiz. As a child, she was already in front of the camera for “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,” among others.

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