Who will take care of your pet during vacations or XL weekends?

Who will take care of your pet during vacations or XL weekends?
Who will take care of your pet during vacations or XL weekends?

Planning a trip can be a challenge when you have pets, since no one will take care of them as well as you. However, you also deserve to relax and see the world. Traveling with them is not always an option, so today we help you find the best solution for everyone.

How to plan your pet’s care?

Planning your pets’ vacation should be one of the first steps when organizing your trip, never leave it for last. There is no one-size-fits-all solution and what works for one may not be ideal for another. That’s why we leave you tips and options so that you have all the information at your fingertips.

Record your pet’s habits and routine:

  • Do they interact with other animals or children?
  • How many hours do they spend accompanied?
  • What are your favorite activities and places?
  • How do they react to visitors?

Learn about their previous experiences:

  • How have they responded to stressful situations, such as visits to the vet or moving house? Do they hide, get sick, stop eating, lose weight, become aggressive? Prior preparation with veterinarians/behavior specialists can be key to ensuring a positive experience.

How many days are you planning to travel? Is it a nearby destination? Is it a multi-destination trip? Are the places pet-friendly?

Health status: It is essential to organize any trip/stay that your health is up to date:

  • Do they have up-to-date vaccines?
  • Did you have your annual checkup?
  • Do you have any chronic illnesses?

After knowing all this information, the next step is to evaluate the alternatives available for the care of your pet:

Traveling with your pet:

This option is viable for short trips (less than 5 hours). Consider whether your pet can spend several hours in the car, on buses or on a plane. On planes, you can take them in the cabin for an additional fee. They should not travel loose in the car; and remember to always use a safe carrier.



  • Check the health requirements of the destination and do a health check beforehand.
  • Apply flea and dewormer before the trip.
  • Make sure the accommodation is pet-friendly and safe.
  • Bring their resources (food bowl, water bowl, toys) so they feel at home.

Leaving your pet at home with a caregiver

Leaving your pet at home under surveillance is a great option. Ask friends, family, or hire a pet sitter through apps. (Mascoters is a great option; the app connects you with verified pet sitters in your area, offering veterinary insurance if needed and relocation of your pet with another pet sitter if necessary.)


  • Choose someone who knows and likes to take care of pets.
  • Plan several options (plan A, B and C) to avoid stressful last-minute changes.
  • Make sure the person knows your pet beforehand (at Mascoters you can arrange an appointment with the caregivers).
  • Leave clear instructions about cleaning, feeding and medication if needed.
  • Please leave your vet’s contact information and a replacement if necessary.

Hire a care service at the Petsitter’s home

This option is useful if you don’t want someone to visit your house. It is advisable to meet the sitter in advance and check their references (At Mascoters each sitter receives ratings from users and you can resolve all your doubts before hiring them).


  • Book the service in advance, especially in high season.
  • Clarify all your doubts with the caregiver to have complete confidence.
  • Make sure your pets adapt well to their new environment and are safe.
  • Leave your veterinarian’s contact information and all your clinical information.

Cat nurseries and hotels

Ideal if you have no other options or you travel frequently. Check the health requirements and environment of the place. At Hoteles de Gatos Mishmosos (the chain of Cat Hotels of which I am Director) we focus on making the experience of both the families and the feline guests incredible and that they can travel peacefully without having anything to worry about.


  • Visit the place and meet the team that will take care of your pets.
  • Please book in advance.
  • Leave an emergency contact and that of your veterinarian.
  • Get your pets used to the carrier before traveling.

With good planning, you can enjoy your vacation knowing that your pet is well cared for. It’s possibleand that shouldn’t be an impediment to stop traveling. Of course you’re going to miss her a lot (and she’s going to miss you) but everything is going to be amazing!

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