The Inca city in northern Argentina that few know about and is an archaeological wonder

The Inca city in northern Argentina that few know about and is an archaeological wonder
The Inca city in northern Argentina that few know about and is an archaeological wonder

Londonlocated 15 km south of Belén, is considered the second oldest city in Argentina. This municipality is known for its production of handicrafts in textiles, nuts and fruits.

He Shincal de Quimivil It is an archaeological site of great importance, located just 5 km from London Square. The ruins of Shincal de Quimivil represent the most important city in the south of the Inca Empire. This site, dating from between 1380 AD and 1600 AD, covers an area of ​​23 hectares with more than one hundred buildings built of stone and mud.


In the department of Belén, there is one of the many Inca archaeological remains in the country.

What to see in the ruins of Shincal de Quimivil, Catamarca

Recently restored, the Shincal has modern facilities including a reception cabinan interpretation center and storage, accessible bathrooms, a dining room, trails and rest areas, and a permanent guide service. Entry to the site is only permitted with a guide.

But also, near the ruins you can enjoy other attractions and historical places in the province.

London Folk Museum

Located in a old 19th century mansion on Route 40, the London Folk Museum It is one of the most modern folklore studies museums in the Argentine Northwest. The property was donated by the family of the Catamarca writer Julia Garcia MansillaThe museum also functions as the ground zero of the Loom Routeand houses a craft market and an interpretation center for Catamarca crafts.

Church of Saint John the Baptist

This temple, located on San Juan Bautista Street in front of the main square of the city, is where the Patron Saint of London, Saint John the Baptist. Built in the late 19th century, its original neoclassical façade and bell tower are notable features. Although humble, the church houses a rich history.

Immaculate Conception Church

The oldest church in Londonis located in front of the Hipólito Irigoyen square. Its historical importance and its location in the heart of the community make it a must-see place.

How to get to the ruins of Shincal de Quimivil, Catamarca

He Shincal de Quimivil is located in London, at an altitude of 1350 meters above sea level, at the base of Cerro Shincal. It is located approximately 5 km northwest of the present town of London and 25 km west-southwest of Bethlehemthe capital of the Department in the Province of Catamarca.

To protect this archaeological site, access is allowed only in small groups and at specific times for guided tours of around two hours. It is reached by a completely paved road from London, deviating from the National Route 40.


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